Everything About Harmony Island In The Lost Ark

In the lost ark game, a player can find many adventurous islands and quests. Among them, Harmony island is one of the most peculiar, interesting, and venturesome parts.

The island has a secretive tendency, and it appears and then again disappears according to its schedule.

So, a player cannot always enter the island or access its features during the game as the island is available only at specific times.

However, the island mostly stays during the weekend. Besides, you can also see the island at particular times on Monday and Tuesday.

Although the island’s appearance is not particular, the island or some parts of the island can appear at any of the following time schedules of those days.

You can find the island in the following hours:

  • 11 am 
  • 1 pm
  • 3 pm
  • 7 pm
  • 9 pm
  • 11 pm

You can see the spawning of the harmony island in the lost ark at any hour from the list mentioned above. But the best way to locate the island is to use the small compass of the minimap.

You can see the compass on the HUD. After you click on that, you will see Procyon’s compass.

Afterward, you will see a menu list. Select “Appearance info” from that list, followed by “Adventure island.”

After that, you will get all details of the harmony island for that day, including spawning time.

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Harmony Island In The Lost Ark

Harmony island is a beautiful and adventurous island in the lost ark. Apart from the beauty, the island also has many amazing rewards and treasures that a player should not miss.

You can achieve those treasures after completing some quests on the island.

Harmony island in the lost ark is situated within the Elzowins tears sea on the east coast of Rohendel. And as it is an adventurous island, you will have two scheduled timing of a day when the island will be accessible. To know the spawning time, use Procyon’s compass.

The island holds many treasures for players and quests to get them. After arriving there, you need to interact with the Harmony gardener and listen to the instructions. 

After that, you need to complete three quests on the island to achieve three chests Chest of clear sound, a Chest of harmonious sound, and the Chest of Aromatic sound. In all those, you can get silver.

when does harmony island spawn lost ark

However, the island randomly gives Heavenly harmony, Harmony island soul, and Island token to the player.

  • In the first quest of “A pure sound,” the player must deliver x80 sacred spring water to a particular flower in the garden.
  • Second quest, “A fragrant sound,” the player would need to collect x300 fragrant pollen.
  • In the final and third quest, “Harmony? help!” the player requires to play Serenade of love 80 times. 

After completing all quests, you will get three chests with silver. If you do not get Heavenly island in any of those chests, visit the island again and complete the quest.

The Heavenly treasure island is an important item, and you will need that to complete the quest “Song of the Azure wind” on Azure wind island. 

So, until you get that treasure, revisit the harmony island and reattempt quests to get that important item.

Lost Ark Boss Spawn Time

In the lost ark game, they will find a world boss in every exploration area, and he will need to kill it to progress in the game. When multiple players play simultaneously, you may find difficulties in boss spawn time.

The world boss timer option will determine when the boss reappears after the death of a former player. After the reappearance, another player gets the opportunity to kill it.

Every boss has a different spawn time in the game. For instance, early-game bosses can spawn after 30 minutes of their death.

On the other hand, late-game bosses take more time than that, and sometimes they reappear after two hours.

when does harmony island spawn lost ark

When you reach the side where the world boss stays and can not find it there, it would be best if you wait there for the boss to respawn. Because in the game, there is no timing to show the reappearance time of the boss after their death.

Lost Ark Harmony Island Schedule

The harmony island in the lost ark is a secret island that appears and disappears on a specific schedule. Usually, the island appears on the weekend.

But apart from that, you can also visit the island for some particular hours on Monday and Tuesday. You can see the 

Island in any of the following time hours.

  • 11 am
  • 1 pm
  • 3 pm
  • 7 pm
  • 9 pm
  • 11 pm

To find the island’s spawning time, you can also use Procyon’s compass.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you do harmony island multiple times in Lost Ark?

Yes, you can do quests on harmony island in the lost ark multiple times. From that island, you need to collect Heavenly Island treasure to complete another quest. So, until you get that treasure, you can attempt it multiple times.

2. How do you get heavenly harmony in Lost Ark?

On harmony island, you must complete three quests to collect three chests. From any of those chests, you can get heavenly harmony. However, the island chooses unexpected ways to give the treasure in any chest at any point in the game on that island.

So, it may be possible that you could not get the treasure on the first attempt. Then you need to attempt again.

3. Where is Harmony Island?

Harmony island is situated near the east coast of Rohendel within the Elzowins tears sea.

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