What Skills Are Needed For A Career In Ethical Hacking?

The Ethical hacking sector is on the boom due to the huge demand for professionals in the Cybersecurity domain. This has given rise to updates of various skills in the employees for growth in their career in this field. Intellipaat CEH training provides in-depth knowledge and expertise for career growth.


In simple terms, the concept of cryptography can be understood as an extensive understanding of various techniques relevant to communications in general. More so specifically, techniques related to securing any digital communications across the internet. For instance, if you are sharing/ communicating any confidential information/ file with your co-worker, any third party would be able to breach your system silently and steal the information. However, with the presence of advanced technologies to protect such information, it would be easier to protect the data in the long run.

In brief, cryptography technology/ technologies enable only the receiver and sender to read the information. For, the information is protected in a way that requires it to be decrypted using a secret key.

Cryptography plays a major role in ransomware. For, hackers utilize cryptography technology to find any applicable vulnerabilities in your organization’s devices. By implementing cryptography technology in ethical hacking methods, organizational information can be protected efficiently. Usually, as an ethical hacker, you will be building a strong system against hacking technologies such as ciphertext analysis, brute-forcing, and more of a similar sort.


Speaking of encrypting information, you will be able to encrypt properly only if you know the overall build of any software. This is possible by having a piece of extensive knowledge of programming languages.

Upon identification of the build, you yet again need the assistance of programming languages to understand the hacking tools used by the hackers to breach your organization’s security system.

As of now, programming languages such as PHP, Python, C, SQL, C++, Java, and Javascript train you with relevant skills as required above.


Now imagine this scenario. You have a new friend, where you both are exchanging just mundane and basic information every day. As days go by, suddenly you get locked out of your own home stating that the house has been sold. But, the thing is that you are the sole owner of the house and you did not sell it. That’s when you get to know that the information on the purchase/ selling agreement is entirely based on the information you shared with your new friend. This is exactly known as social engineering. It is one of the popular tactics used by hackers these days, where you will be made to say important things without you actually realizing that such information is important.

This could be said as a mind game too. In a flow of conversation, you may not be too suspicious of the question, “so, you got a new laptop, huh? what’s the make model?”. Hackers can use any such mundane information to breach your security system.

It is also understandable that it would be extremely tiring to be always cautious of every word being said in a conversation.

This is where the role of ethical hackers comes into play. As an ethical hacker, you would function just like any other unethical hacker. In a sense, you will be responsible to protect vital information relevant to the organization and the organization’s employees by playing the role of social engineering at the organization. Through such methods/ methodologies, you will be able to prevent the hacking attacks generated via methods such as reverse social engineering and piggybacking.


For starters, computer forensics technology is popularly used in the opening/ surfacing of hidden files. At times, deleted files can be recovered too. Oftentimes, such files can be the root cause of organizational data theft. By spotting the cause, it would be easy to find the appropriate cure(s). When it comes to recovery using computer forensics, encryption decoding software is used to get the best result.

It is important to note that computer forensics technology is popularly used by law enforcement departments to investigate crimes in general. More specifically, to investigate the data acquired via the evidence.

With the growth of computer forensics technologies these days, various such relevant technologies are being utilized by ethical hackers in various organizations to collect information across spaces such as from mobile phones, databases, and servers.


Be it a minor data breach or major security breach, the organization will always turn towards ethical hackers to find the root cause of the problem. Furthermore, several organizations are actively investing in ethical hackers to come up with creative solutions following an organizational breach.

Thus, as an ethical hacker, you should always have a stead-fast plan along with several backup plans. Your suggestions should be creative and strong enough to overtake the hacker’s next step.

Additionally, you should be updated with the latest hacking attacks in your industry. This will give you ample time to create plans as well as backup plans well in advance.


Your organization relies heavily on data security for a variety of reasons. By being skilled in the mentioned areas, you can develop your organization and also develop your earning potential!

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