Top 5 MOBA Games For iOS and Android

Who doesn’t love playing as their favorite hero and destroying the enemy’s base? MOBA games are by far the top esports with fans around the world and 7 figure + prize pools. You can even bet on these tournaments at And now you can play incredible MOBAs on iOS and Android. Check out below our picks for the best games!

1. Vainglory

Vainglory is a cross-platform mobile-optimized MOBA. This means you can play with PC gamers from your phone! Vainglory features 56 heroes and incredibly smooth gameplay. This MOBA has outstanding graphics and simple controls, which are perfect for mobile. The game currently has a 4.7 rating on the App Store based on over 50,000 reviews!

2. Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is the most popular mobile MOBA, with over 80 million active players! It is a classic 5v5 MOBA where you have to destroy the enemy’s base. You can pick from 112 heroes, our favorites are Aulus, Hayabusa, and Guinevere. Mobile Legends has been described as a copy of League of Legends (LoL), and LoL’s developer, Riot Games, is even suing Mobile Legends’ developer! This MOBA currently has a 4.5-star rating on the App Store based on over 400,000 reviews!

3. League of Legends: Wild Rift

The most popular MOBA, League of Legends, has its very own mobile version! It has almost 6 million monthly players and has incredible graphics combined with thrilling gameplay. This game features 40 different champions, and we love playing as Brand, Katarina, and Irelia. Wild Rift has some key differences compared to League of Legends. The maps are smaller, creating more intense fights, it is easier to pull off combos thanks to auto-lock, and games are shorter. Wild Rift has a 3.6 rating on Google Play based on over 2 million reviews!

4. Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor is another super fun 5v5 MOBA where you need to neutralize the opposing team’s turrets before crushing their base. Arena of Valor has 40 different heroes and is known for its fast-paced and intense action. The game is published by legendary Tencent Games and has over 10 million monthly active players. Arena of Valor has a 4.4 rating on Google Play based on over 1 million reviews!

5. Heroes of Soulcraft

The mobile version of Heroes of Soulcraft is a big upgrade compared to the PC version! Heroes of Soulcraft features 2v2 and 4v4 gameplay options. You can also choose 5-minute or 10-minute matches. This is the perfect MOBA if you are looking for quick and exciting matches. Heroes of Soulcraft has a 2.9 rating on Google Play based on 90,000 reviews!

While you can’t currently play Dota 2 on your mobile, there are still lots of amazing mobile-optimized MOBAs. We recommend trying Vainglory, which is cross-platform and features 56 heroes. If you need your Dota 2 fix, you can always head to and bet and stream all tournaments!

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