The Best Choices For Pokémon Shield And Sword Starters

Pokémon Shield and Sword Starters role-playing video games have been a craze among animation lovers. With the newly launched starters and evolutions, the gameplay is upgraded with extraordinary powers and versatile characters to access.

Pokémon Sword Starters is something that everybody asserts and demands the newly added elements.

A proper choice of Sword and Shield starters is important to the early formation of a team during the gameplay. Let us examine the parameters and qualities to determine a Pokémon sword and shield the best starter.

What are Pokémon Swords and Pokémon Shields?

Game Freak developed video games Pokémon Sword, and Pokémon Shield were published globally by the year 2019. For the switch users, it was published by Nintendo. Well, both the Sword and Shield depict a certain character of the gameplay.

For Pokémon Sword, it is Legendary Pokémon Zakian depiction, while for Pokémon Shield, it’s Legendary Pokémon Zamazenta.

Concept Of Sword And Shield

Well, in the year 2016, Pokémon Sun and Moon ruled the era since, after that, the planning phase of Sword and Shield began. Probably September 2017 was the production planning phase for the series.

The plot revolves around a budding Pokémon trainer who aspires to grow up as a Pokémon champion. The plot is situated in the Galar region of the United Kingdom.

The game subjects the dethroning of previously victorious Pokémon League champion Leon. This further adds to the conspiracy between the league.

Some Of The Newly Additives Of Pokémon Sword Starter Evolution

Pokémon Shield and Sword Starters
Some Of The Newly Additives Of Pokémon Sword Starter Evolution
  • The Sword and Shield add the 18 newly introduced Pokémons in addition to the previously available 13 regional forms of Pokémon.
  •  Dynamax: It’s quality that enables the size increase of Pokémons when subjected to certain conditions.
  •  Gigantamaxing: Enables the change in forms of selected Pokémons. Limited to certain Pokémons.
  • Let’s Go, Eevee! And Let’s Go, Pikachu! Elements are carried forward, which were seen in the previous Pokémon Sun and Moon series.

How To Choose The Correct Pokémon Sword And Shield Starters?

Choosing the exact Sword or Shield is definitely a condition-bound scenario, where users need to put the experience and game understanding to action.

Since the Pokémon series, the dawn of time was launched, the game mandates the player to put their choice and select the starter character for the play.

Those were grass type, fire type, or water type. Similarly, in Pokémon swords and shield starters, the game introduces us to three versions.

  • Grookey
  • Scrobunny
  • Cobble

Guide Through Different Pokémon Sword And Shield The Best Starter

The initial Pokémon selection should be strongest among all. And this will finally determine your query and performance for the rest of the game.
Let us examine the features and functionalities of these 3 choices.

Grookey (Rillaboom)

Grookey (Rillaboom)
Grookey (Rillaboom)
  • It is basically the mini chimpanzee of the play.
  • Height: 1 inch
  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • It could be difficult to handle the strongest character however could also add the reward points.
  • Strongest and powerful compared to rest.
  • Extremely defensive character/starter.
  • Could prove better with the rest of the defensive opponents like Wooloo.
  • The best design scenario in the gameplay of teams could be Dubwool+ Rillaboo vs. Wooloo and Grookey.
  • Attacks include: Knock Off, Drum Beating, Wood Hammer, Boom burst.

Advantages if played against Nessa and Gordie
Disadvantage if played against Melony, Kabu.

Grookey is a grass-type Galar starter in the final evolution stage. Its ability to overgrown the dependencies helps the player to make the best.

Its use while attacking. The appearance looks like a greenish stick holder with, plant-oriented character.

Basically, the stick on the head depicts the branch of a tree from the regions where the Grookey community lives.

However, along with this, the stick adds the other functionalities too. These powers in the stick came when it was subjected to Grookeys body.

Grookey energies itself from sunlight with the help of its green furn. Thus it makes Grookey a very interesting Galar starter final evolution character/element.

Scorbunny (Cinderace)

Scorbunny (Cinderace)
Scorbunny (Cinderace)

Scorbunny is the easy choice for a subtle play. Likewise, if you want to have a smoother but interesting play, Scorbuny is your choice. It is the easiest among all Pokémon starters.

Certainly, during the initial battle against grass-type Pokémon, players could easily rip off the opponent with the help of Scorbunny.

Scorbunny is basically a fire-type element /Pokémon. It looks similar to Rabbit. Its ability to blaze makes it extraordinary. We could imagine Scorbunny as an over-enthusiastic character that keeps running similar to a rabbit.

  • The best attacks of Scorbunny include Pyro Ball(can burn target), counter (converts the damage to double present at the respective time), Double(recoil), Bounce ( Can skip one turn and could also paralyze the opponent), Blast Burn (able to skip the upcoming turn).
  • Height: 1 inch
  • Wight: 9.9 lbs.
  • The fire sac (Second heart) enumerates the fire towards the target.

 The advantage is playing against Melony and Milo. Melony (Shield).
 Disadvantages playing against Gordie and Nessa.

Sobble (Inteleon)

Sobble (Inteleon)
Sobble (Inteleon)

Sobble is basically a water lizard starter, and it actually looks similar to it. It’s a Water-type. The ability of Sobble is to Torrent. The amazing ability of Sobble is its disappearing technique when exposed to water.

Like a chameleon, Sobble could draw himself in the surrounding or environment, making it unrecognizable. 

By nature, Sobble is quite shy, timid and often gets embarrassed in certain situations. Water is the main subsidy with Sobble. He can mix up with the surroundings with the help of water, can make the target cry (As he comprises the power of 100 onions.

Which makes the opponent cry), water jet power that disgraces the target.
Onion powder is generally used to distract the opponent from executing certain plans.

  • A subtle character that struggles during the initials when it’s against the gym type, however, reciprocates best with the later battles.
  • Height: 1 inch.
  • Weight: 8.8 lbs
  • Sobble is strong indeed and powerful. It’s the second most powerful after Grookey.
  • If the player is interested in categorizing and prioritizing the attacks, Sobble is the best choice for them.
  • To compete against the Gigantamax technique by Champion Leon, Sobble could be the best choice.
  • It is optimized with respect to swords compared to shields.


  • Water Pulse (creates confusion for the opponent)
  • Sucker Punch (initiator)
  • Liquidation (Reduces the impact of the opponent’s defense strategy)
  • Hydro Pump (Water impact of 110/80)
  • Hydro Cannon (Enable to skip the upcoming turn).

Galar Starter Final Evolution

Galar Starter Final Evolution
Galar Starter Final Evolution

Every Pokémon lover is awaited to the newly launched evolutions, so as with Galar Starter’s final evolution. Pokémon Shield and Sword Starters final evolutions.

We know that the Pokémon sword and Shield starter series/ evolution went with Grookey, Scronbunny, and sobble. Well, let us now depict the evolution from initial, middle, to final stages.

Grookey Evolution Stage:
Grookey >> Thwackey >> Rillaboom

Scornbunny Evolution Stages:
Scornbunny >> Raboot >>Cinderace

Sobble’s Evolution Stages:
Sobble >> Drizzle >> Inteleon

The evolution was definitely a major parameter that was to determine the acceptance of the game. However, reports suggest most of the evolution, including Cinderace, wasn’t appreciated much and received a few dual responses.

The devotion adds to the interest factor in the game and thus exhibits the propaganda for attachment to the levels and scenarios of the game.

Galar region based in the United Kingdom tournament of being the champion Pokémon dethroning Leons thus makes evolution mandatory to increase powers and abilities.


Pokémon Sword and Shield completely depend on the choices you make during the tournaments. Every starter is unique with its appearance, power, and capabilities. Grookey stands best in terms of attacks and power.

Sobble stands unique for its ability to special attack, while Scorbunny goes well for the balanced players. While choosing, make sure you analyze the scenarios and then your Pokémon starters to action.

Pokémon Sword starters and Pokémon Shield starters thus definitely increase the curiosity in the game and add to the additional functionality.
Why don’t you learn about other similar upgrades in other games through our articles?

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