What is new with the devil may cry 5? How many missions in DMC 5?

Finally, Devil May Cry came back! A brand new entry comes back from the over-the-top Capcom action series, where one of three characters, one new for the franchise, can be controlled, demons slew and fashioned in style. The Devil May Weep, with a demon-based tree rooting in Red Grave, restored to the world of the devil. Equipped with a robotic arm, Nero plans to sweep away this demon tree city built by the self-professed arms-expert Nico.

DMC5 secret missions were created and published by Capcom as a 2019 action-adventure game.  It is the sixth installment of the franchise, which does not include handheld games, and the fifth portion of the mainline series Devil May Cry. 

In 2019, Capcom launched in Microsoft Windows, and the PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game launched five years after Devil May Cry 4. It follows a trio of supernatural warriors, including Dante, Nero, and a new protagonist called V, attempting to stop the demon king Urizen from murdering the earth. The player can use these characters on various quests during their journey in Red Grave City. Capcom also wished to add to the “RE Engine” of its previous work Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, a more functional style influenced. The models are used to render the faces of the character. 

Hideaki Itsuno focuses on devil may cry 5, which aims to make his best work of this installment. He decided to keep the game balanced by having adequate, challenging enemies for beginners and returning gamers.

Everyone has their way of battling and improving. The mystery behind V and his connection to Urizen uncover when this occurs. Bingo Morihashi, the story was written during the setting in different parts of London. Several composers have partnered to create audio for the game, producing three major themes based on the dmc 5 characters.

Special features of the dmc5.

Devil May Cry 5 is an exceptional game of its kind, published in 2019. Here is the added unique feature in the special edition of the original dmc series.

Below are some unique features of the dmc5.

  • Groundbreaking graphics
  • Stylish action
  • Three unique playable characters   
  • Playable Vergil 
  • PS5 Streamlined 
  • Fantastic visuals  
  • Quick load 
  • Adaptive triggers
  • Latest modes of game 
  • Haptic reaction
  • AudioTech 
  • Tempest for compatible headphones 
  •  Additional Content 

Game Structure

Devil May Cry 5 is mission-based, comparable to previous series entries. So you have set levels to discover, each with its little secrets, which are isolated from the other. When you follow the main plot, you can go from mission to mission without waiting. The game’s main menu takes you to a screen that contains endless choices, dmc5 secret missions. You can replay any missions here, so you just have to solve issues. So, if you just finished it with Humans, you cannot play the Main Task 01 on Devil Hunter.

You almost go from point A to point B inside missions, battling some enemies on the way. During missions, there are dmc 5 secret endings, which are brief, voluntary activities that award you with Blue Orb Fragments until they are complete. During the tasks, you will find them too. You can learn new skills from Nico with Red Orbs learned yourself before starting any missions! 

 Why is the devil may cry 5 mission known to be quite tricky?

The devil may cry 5 mission is considered very challenging, especially in the face of more demanding games. Just two problems, human and devil hunter, have access to the Devil May Cry 5. Son of Sparda will unlock a finish on one of these two. Playing and finishing Son of Sparda would open Dante Must Die, one of the most challenging game problems. You’re going to open the final two, heaven or hell and death and hell, so that you can end the game with that complexity. 

The issues are on a rigid hierarchy of dmc 5 mission

Human > Devil Hunter > Son of Sparda > Dante Must Die > Heaven or Hell > Death and Hell.

The only difference between both issues is the wellbeing of the enemies and their harm to you. The missions can become a bit more hectic from Son of Sparda and beyond. That’s because, in the lower tasks, more formidable enemies tend to emerge. Furthermore, opponents will be hostile, and some will also be a target.

The following chart will make you understand the enemy’s health and the damage they do. 

DifficultyEnemy’s HealthEnemy’s Damage
Devil Hunter200%200%
Son of Sparda400%400%
Dante Must Die800%800%
Heaven or HellOne-hit killOne-hit kill
Death and Hell400%One-hit kill

 DMC5 characters

  • Cavaliere Angelo. 
  • Dante. 
  • Goliath. 
  • J.D. Morrison. …
  • Lady. …
  • Nero. …
  • Nico. …
  • Nidhogg.
  • Trish
  • V
  • Vergil

How many missions in dmc 5?

Dmc5 secret missions are scattered throughout the devil may cry 5 walkthroughs

and need close attention in the world around you. There is 21 devil may cry 5 mission and 12 dmc 5 secret mission locations without spoiling anything. Our success took roughly 8-10 hours to complete the lowest human difficulty without meeting any of the personal mission’s problems. 

Be mindful that you don’t have to finish them right away. A new function will appear in the main menu, allowing you to address the hidden rooms at all times. Finally, a Blue Orb Fragment is awarded to you with a total of 3 Blue Orbs used to increase your health bar permanently.

The devil may cry 5 missions.

Of the 21 total missions, those with one single character are playable, and some with up to three playable. The tasks, names, and when you could play or repeat as many characters below have been detailed.

  • Prologue

The prologue is the first mission of Devil May Cry 5, essentially acting as an introductory tutorial and a media res start to the game’s plot. It is counted as Mission 0. Nero is the playing character.

  • Mission 01: Nero.

Nero is Devil Will Cry 5’s second mission and the first “proper” mission after the prologue mission. Nero is a short mission, which adds the new Devil Breaker to Nero.

  • Mission 02: Qliphoth

In Devil May Cry 5, the second “proper” mission, Qliphoth, is the third mission. In the first score, the player has access before a quest to the Shop for the first time and ends with the first “proper” boss battle.

  • Mission 03: Flying Hunter

Flying Hunter is Devil May Cry 5’s fourth mission and the third mission’ reasonable.’ The new Devil Breakers Punch Line and Helter Skelter are being added.

  • Mission 04: V

V is Devil May 5’s fifth mission, and the fourth mission “proper” It introduces V, along with his family and tutorial, as the player character. Along with his first boss fight. 

  • Mission 05: The Devil Sword Sparta

The Devil Sword Sparda is Devil May Cry 5’s sixth mission and the fifth mission “proper.” 

  • Mission 06: Steel Impact

Steel Effect is Devil May 5’s seventh mission and sixth mission “proper” It’s a short mission to Nero that you can play with the launch of new Tomboy and Buster Arm devil breakers.

  • Mission 07: United Front (Nero, V)

United Front is the 8th Devil May Cry 5 mission, and the 7th “proper” You play as Nero or V in this mission as a squad of both characters. It offers current Rawhide and Ragtime Devil Breakers. 

  • Mission 08: Demon King

Demon King is the ninth Devil May Cry 5 mission and the eighth “proper” one where you again play Nero’s role. 

  • Mission 09: Genesis

Genesis is Devil Will Cry 5’s tenth mission and the ninth “proper” mission in which you are playing the V again. 

  • Mission 10: Awaken

Awaken is the eleventh Devil’s May Cry 5 mission, and the tenth “proper” Dante plays the same tutorial as Nero’s in the prologue. The playable person in this mission. 

  • Mission 11: Reason

The reason is the 12th Devil May Cry 5 mission and the 11th proper. Dante now wrests Sparda and enters his first boss fight.

  • Mission 12: Yamato

Yamato is the 13th Devil May Cry 5 mission and the 11th “proper” It is where Dante gets Cavaliere, where a player’s tutorial was made, and Sin Devil Trigger and Devil Sword Dante were later published. 

  • Mission 13: Three Warriors (Nero, V, Dante)

Three Warriors is the 14th Devil May Cry 5 mission and the 13th “proper” You will play here as either Nero, V, or Dante. Dante has Dr. Faust in the way. 

  • Mission 14: Diverging Point: V

Point V is the 15th Devil May Cry 5 mission and the 14th “proper” where you play V. Diverging Point is a mission of 5. 

  • Mission 15: Diverging Point: Nero

Nero is Devil May Cry 5’s seventeenth mission and Nero’s fifteenth mission. 

  • Mission 16: Diverging Point: Dante

Dante is the 17th Devil May Cry 5 mission and the 16th Dante “proper” mission. It’s where King Cerberus gets the player.

  • Mission 17: Brothers

Brothers are the 18th mission of Devil May Cry 5 and the 17th mission “proper” to play as Dante and confront Urizen in his final shape. 

  • Mission 18: Awakening

Waking up is the nineteenth mission in Devil May Cry 5 and the eighteenth mission “proper,” where you are again playing as Dante and having Kalina Ann II. 

  • Mission 19: Vergil

Vergil is Devil’s May 20 Cry 5 and 90th “proper” mission. Dante’s last struggle with Vergil. 

  • Mission 20: True Power

Real power is the 21st Devil May Cry 5 mission and the final mission “proper” Where Nero is played in the last chapter, Vergil will not only face him, but his real Devil Trigger will also be unlocked to the final battle.

DMC5 secret missions

Halfway through the game, you’ll stumble through a supernatural graft. If you can organize the grafts like a completely circular glyph, you can execute the secret task concealed by grafting. The dmc 5 secret ending that we found are here:

  • Secret Mission 1: Eliminate the demons
  • Secrt Mission 2: Don’t let Red Empusa escape!
  • Secret Mission 3: Collect the Red Orbs.
  • Secret Mission 4: Eliminate the monsters without taking a hit.
  • Secret Mission 5: Get the goal without touching the ground.
  • Secret Mission 6: Eliminate the monsters in 20 seconds or less.
  • Secret Mission 7: Aim for a weak point and take them down with a single bullet.
  • Secret Mission 8: Maintain S Stylish Rank.
  • Secret Mission 9: Make yourself stable in the air for 15 seconds.
  • Secret Mission 10: Get the goal without touching the ground.
  • Secret Mission 11: Head straight for a plan!
  • Secret Mission 12: Collect a set of Red Orbs.

Once after completing a dmc5 secret mission, you will usually yield a Blue Orb as a reward. 

Devil May Cry 5 secret mission 1

The first two missions are straightforward, and it is only by watching the story that you get it. The secret mission starts from Mission 2. At devil may cry mission 2, you will end up in a house that falls apart. This secret mission is located in Mission 02: Qliphoth. It is located in the Il Chiaro Mondo Hotel in a bedroom following a corridor blocked by Qliphoth roots, and a hole in the wall is broken down, and a tutor’s note will be given. The only challenge that a beginner can offer is that Nero must stand on a shining root point between the bed and the wall: stand on it after discovering and align the emblem to get an early start on the secret mission. 

Devil May Cry 5 walkthrough  

The devil may cry secret mission 1 aims is to destroy all enemies without any special conditions within the time limit. Some low-level enemies illustrate the objective without problems: if Nero is fitted with an opening, it can work very quickly.

Devil May Cry 5 secret mission 2 

After completing the second region in the underground tunnels by removing the Blood Clots and duplicating the blocked entrance, the secret mission is located on Mission 03: Flying Hunter. It goes down to the bottom of the field and then into a barred-off tunnel for the ground’s root spot. It leads to a vertical stairway. Rotate the camera by one hundred and eighty degrees to search and align the secret mission marker. Here, Nero gets into the drains after the outer segment in mission 3. Keep walking and keep an eye on the door for an exit sign. There will be a short cutscene involving a staircase leading to the main road. Watch the ceiling until it’s there to see the engravings. Only stand and look around. Just look around. You have to pull Red Empusas down before they flee. 

Devil May Cry 5 walkthrough  

In the devil may cry secret mission 2, the purpose is to destroy all targets, without special conditions, within the time limit. The enemies are low, and the job should be clearing no problems: if Nero is fitted with an opening, it will do concise work.

Devil May Cry 5 secret mission 3

In devil may cry mission 4, V, the player can capture two Nidhogg Hatchlings. Just after the bridge, the first is in direct vision. The second is on the streets; the Nightmare can break the wall during the city’s first fight. The Nidhogg Hatchling is found within the house, in the way to the right on the first floor. The route also includes one Blue Orb fragment. Next, use the two things to unlock the passage, which is at the end of the quest, until you reach an area with a red telephone stand leading to another structure. This direction finally takes you to the edge of the building.

Devil May Cry 5 walkthrough  

In the devil may cry secret mission 3, they aim to destroy all 7 Red Empusas before running. Fortunately, not all of them breed simultaneously but come more in groups: the last group of three is trickiest, and they mustn’t be scattered. If red tempura starts tunning backward, switch quickly to it will disrupt the animation of escape by infecting the insect with sufficient damage to pick it up on its back legs. 

It is a smart choice to use multiplayer Ragtime Devil Breaker: both of the Red Empusas are frozen using their Break Age pass, stopping one from fleeing. The final group often spawns enough close to slow down Ragtime’s simple move to avoid the group from splitting. If the player returns after the game are over, it is easier to take advantage of Nero’s Charged Shots and Devil Button.

Devil May Cry 5 secret mission 4

The secret mission in Mission 4 is a little bit more challenging to discover because you will need a Nightmare at a given moment. After going over the bridge, you will go through a street combat sequence to witness a massive structure containing a mural. The Nidhogg will crash and catch. 

On secret mission 4, the Devil Sword Sparda, a forced struggle with a gas tank in the middle after the Blood Clot was broken on the shipping area. After the battle, the player must kill that Blood Clot, but he cannot crack the wall after being named. The wall is nearby with a yellow waste container and Nightmare. 

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Devil May Cry 5 walkthrough  

The Devil May Cry 5 secret mission 4 aims to catch all the red orbs in space; there are twenty of them, which you can do for 30 seconds. As a head-up, make sure the hanging and quick play is unlocked to promote it.

This secret mission is intended to destroy any foe without a blow, four Hell Cainas and three Hell Antenors are the only enemies present. Thus it’s a smart idea to place the opponents in the air and get them together so that they stalk and not attack. Furthermore, the mission would not be deemed a disappointment if any V family members are struck. 

Devil May Cry 5 secret mission 5

In secret mission 5, you must open an underground route close to the last one. When you are inside the plant, begin to fight the first few battles inside, and you can finally get to an edifice wall. There, allow Nightmare. If this happens to be low on power, break the red blockade, so you don’t lose it and take your route to take white orbs. Call your sweetie, go out. 

When inside, a war is waged. Annihilate all the devils, and you’ll see a whole new road on the side opening up: some orbit crates are waiting to be picked up. You will eventually stand up at the highlight and announce the location of the sign. There are two lava walls on Mission 08: demon lord, which create platforms that rise repeatedly. There is a platform to the right in the second of these regions, which Nero can save. To enter the area by the covert mission, use Grim Grips from here.

Devil May Cry 5 walkthrugh  

This secret mission 5 aims to use grim gripes without hitting the ground to enter the blue orb fragment. The Grim Grips spacing is such that Nero requires no unlockable air motions to accomplish this undercover assignment, although it helps to achieve Air Hike and Calibur. Mid-air Melee attacks can be used to maximize Nero’s air time if the player has issues. 

Devil May Cry 5 secret mission 6

On Mission 09: Genesis, head to the left after the second forced combat rather than the center. One Blue Orb Fragment, locked by some roots of Qliphoth, is in the distance. In this place, which opens the passage for V, Nightmare would cause him to destroy a Blood Clot. 

If the player doesn’t have a Devil Button to summon Nightmare, it is potentially possible to line up Griffon manually to fire the simple root shots and thereby break the blood clot. After the trace has been retrieved, the secret mission area is up there. The platform is just ahead.

Devil May Cry 5 walkthrough  

It’s fantastic to beat this Devil May Cry 5 secret mission 6 with the V’s Royal Fork Ability, first destroy the Quliphoth Root that spreads in the forehead, then start using Royal Fork to do more harm, when you order Shadow and Griffon to strike both Hell Cainas. After the enemies are either weak in health or in the “white” condition (prepared to end), Royal Fork is automatically dead, quicker than using V’s Cane’s standard Checkmate or Gambit moves. 

This secret mission can also be overcome by the use of Nightmare and Checkmate/Gambit, but due to the specified limit of 20 seconds, it may take precise timing.

Devil May Cry 5 secret mission 7

In dmc 5, secret mission 7, which is actually on mission 10: Wake up after the forced war to get the Hellbat to the right before it locks, go through the pulsing red door” this route will pursue the Hidden Mission Area.

Devil May Cry 5 walkthrough 

The dmc 5 secret mission 7, goal is straightforward with problems below Son of Sparda: to shift to Revolt. Please wait for the Death scissors in one of their two significant attacks (the snip or flipping slice), then strike them with Revolt to stun the beast while the scissors are white. Wait for a second, then aim once for the vital blow, for the red aura around the face of Death Scissors. 

There is no longer the “tell” on Son of Sparda and the white glaze, but the strategy is the same: wait until the Death Scissors are at the edge of the windup animation and strike the scissors to surprise it.

Devil May Cry 5 secret mission 8

The dmc 5 secret mission locations here are on Mission 11: the new spot you have just disconnected instead of going down. In this spot is the Hidden Task and pattern.

Devil May Cry 5 walkthrough 

The Devil May Cry 5 secret mission 8, aims to retain a fashionable rank of 50 seconds or higher. Because of this demand, if Dante hits, the task will fail automatically. Irrespective of what the player wants to do, Air Taunt is the perfect way to proceed, automatically taking the Style rating to SS. Balrog, which alternates the blow and the Kick mode, is the best weapon for retaining Look. 

Another option is to use Ebony & Ivory with Gunslinger style to fir one gun before class finishes up, then the other, and then use Twosome Time and Honeycomb fire to flee from any enemy. However, for all appropriate steps to be taken, this approach includes Gunslinger at level 4. If the player returns to this challenge later on in the game, Double Kalina Ann’s Super Cascade can even keep the style very successful.

Devil May Cry 5 secret mission 9

The secret mission 9 dmc 5 is located at Mission 14: Divere Point: V. Two Blood Clots must be killed to proceed after the field where players battle against Mirage Goliath, Mirage Artemis, and Miraggio Angelo. Once the second has been lost, pursue it instead of going back and concluding the search. The point of glow is in that region, and the camera is then just rotated around and patterned.

Devil May Cry 5 walkthrough 

 It is a matter of 15 seconds to remain in the air, to buy the enemy’s ability to move off the Divinity Monument, equip Ebony & Ivory, and then merely begin to hop off the enemy to remain in the air longer. Their objectives would also be to retain a reliable and robust setting. Dante can again stay in the mood for a little longer utilizing melee strikes like the Cavaliere or by using the Swordmaster Form. 

If the enemy leaves Dante and you know that you cannot pursue him, use the Trickster Form to name him. The player can also make an easy win with the Sin Devil Cause Air Raid capability.

Devil May Cry 5 secret mission 10

The devil may cry 5 secret mission 10; this is surprisingly simpler than the rest of V in mission 14. Usually, go down the main path and keep going straight after you have recovered your strength. Breakthrough the diabolical presence and sprint until you’re in the bone cave. 

This dmc 5 secret mission location is at Mission 14 Diverse Point V. Two Blood Clots must be killed to proceed after the field where players battle against Mirage Goliath, Mirage Artemis, and Miraggio Angelo. Once the second has been lost, pursue it instead of going back and concluding the search. The point of glow is in that region, and the camera is then just rotated around and patterned. 

A short passage appears empty first to the left, but you can see the highlighted point once you get to the end. Face back, and the secret mission would soon be noticed. It is about crossing the stage without hitting the ground.

Devil May Cry 5 walkthrough  

This dmc 5 secret mission 10 can be easily accomplished by buying the “Promotion” transfer, which helps Vto ride Nightmare. The player spawns the right amount of Devil Signal to call out the monster and runs on Nightmare’s back to the Blue Orb fragment. 

If the player has no promotion, the job can be done fermented if V has sunk far enough to stop on the archway and end with the Gambit to telephone the OrbOrb. The players can then step around the starter board before Quickplay unlocks it by sauteing it long by steering off its side.

Devil May Cry 5 secret mission 11

This dmc 5 secret mission location is on Mission 15: Point of Divergence: Nero; behind it is a lane with the first statue of Divinity. This route would reveal an environment in which the player uses the Punch Line to hit a Blue Orb Fragment. When you arrive at the Blue Orb Fragment, go down on the right and pursue the tiny Red Orb crystal that could have been destroyed in the northeast field.

Devil May Cry 5 walkthrough 

This dmc 5 secret ending objective is to follow the Blue Orb Fragment to be collected until the time is running out. To complete this, you must have gained pace abilities in Nico or Divinity Sculptures. The only real hazard is in the area with the plats dropping, but, with the use of a MAX-Act High Roller, Nero can save the place entirely and then triple jump by the wall.

Devil May Cry 5 secret mission 12

In dmc 5 secret mission location is mission 16: Diverging Point: Dante descends instead of heading forward after the second forced struggle. After the battle, the camera will go down the highest platform, then the one on the left, and the Red Orb Crystal will be in the distance. There is also a forced fight. Spring in this zone either by making an Air Hike followed by a Sky Star or a Stinger and Sky Star or by double an Air Hike with Trickster while either the Sword of Devil Dante or the Devil Trigger is on. 

After the Red Orb crystals, the area has more small platforms to hit – leap to the tallest one in front of it, turn the camera around and turn the camera around to the right-hand side and you’ll see the pattern on the larger area. Skip to that area, and you’ll see the flickering spot in that end. 

Devil May Cry 5 walkthrough  

In the dmc 5 secret ending, a total of 800 Red Orbs must be obtained. If the timer is out or the Empusa dies before 800 Red Orbs are acquired, the mission will fail. 

The easy way to solve the challenge is to outfit Dr. Faust to use the Set Hat capability repeatedly. It would take around four throws to get 800 Red Orbs if wholly upgraded. If the player causes Hat Trick after one jump, the demand can be fulfilled less frequently, but it raises the risk of killing Empusa incidentally.

.And that’s it – you finish up at secret mission 5 sites with the devil may cry 5. Congratulations

How do you unlock the dmc 5 secret ending?

You’ll need to return to a battle at the beginning of the game, because you should have dismissed it as unlikely before, to unlock the dmc 5 secret ending. In the process, you must go back to the Devil May Cry 5 section of the Prolog, where you face Urizen for the first time. Although Urizen doesn’t seem to be defeated in the game at this stage, this isn’t valid. Please bear in mind that at the very outset, we do not advocate trying to beat Urizen. You would instead want to play through the session, steadily expanding Nero’s Abilities and Devil Breakers.

dmc 5 unlockables

Here’s is the list of dmc 5 unlockables at a glance.

  • Complete 25 Missions:
  • EX Color V Costume
  • Beat on Devil Hunter Difficulty:
  • Son of Sparda difficulty mode
  • Beat on Son of Sparda Difficulty:
  • New move for Dante
  • Dante Must Die difficulty mode
  • Beat on Dante Must Die Difficulty:
  • Super Dante Costume
  • Super Nero Costume
  • Super V Costume
  • Heaven or Hell difficulty mode
  • The “Super” Costumes grant you unlimited Devil Trigger but reduce your style score by 80%.
  • Beat on Heaven or Hell Difficulty:
  • Hell or Hell difficulty mode
  • EX Color Vergil Costume
  • Pre-Order Bonus Costumes
  • EX Nero Costume
  • EX Dante Costume
  • EX Nico Costume
  • EX Lady Costume
  • EX Trish Costume

How long to beat devil may cry 5?

The game’s director Hideaki Itsuno reported that the game’s duration was out of Devil May 5 for the PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PCs on March 8. Itsuno announced that Devil May Cry 5 would take 15-16 hours to beat. The time the developers have taken to complete the game is based on this. Besides, Devil May Cry, the franchise’s reimagination in 2012, is currently unclear. Other hyper bits include the prospect of introducing additional playable characters, the team’s difficulties in adapting the RE engine (Capcom’s own internal technology), and the timeframe for Devil May Cry 5.

It is crucial to deeply explore every mission in Devil May Cry 5 to trace its dmc 5 secret ending. Even it can be a little daunting; first, the real challenge is to beat everybody. However, it is necessary to perfect and defeat the secret missions, as everyone prizes a precious fragment of the blurred OrbOrb.


Devil Can Cry 5 was given positive critical reviews, commending the array of tactics the dmc 5 characters carry with them while also appreciating how the plot is handled. In 2019 and 2020, the game received several awards, sold more than two million units less than two weeks after its release, and exceeded three million a year. 

It will not be wrong to say that you are already becoming fond of the devil may cry 5 mission.

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