How To Unlock Taishan Mansion In Genshin Impact

This can only be unlocked if you mine the geo nodes and trigger all of the lanterns around it. Liyue’s Minlin district has Taishan Mansion, which can be found nearby. Because of the size of the water, you will not have any trouble finding it at first.

How To Go Underwater In Kenshin Impact

Because most of the action occurs on land, our character lacks diving abilities. Aside from this, hitting a beacon when scuba diving is risky because it will inflict damage. Furthermore, you cannot utilize your attack or defense abilities while submerged.

After some time, hitting the elemental statue would be beneficial since it will reward you with treasure containers when struck. Even though our character lacks diving skills, gathering treasures will not be a problem.

Using our elemental powers, you can strike the statues. In addition, cryogenic powers might be employed because they help you move closer to your goal.Know The Guide To Catch A Sturgeon Fish In Stardew Valley .

The statues can also be approached from the water using various techniques. Finally, you can utilize rabbits to sink and naturally finish your chores.

The simplest method is to submerge Amber and Katya. When these two characters combine their abilities, it will be easier to complete the task.

Kaeya’s Cyro powers can be utilized to build a bridge to the sculptures, while Amber’s are employed to find statues. Toss bunny bombs at the beacon using Amber. A pyrotechnic element will strike the statue when the bomb goes off, revealing treasure containers.

Monolith Puzzle Chest

For the Monolith, the goal is to find and open all eight compartments sequentially. Various tools are needed to complete the adventure, which lasts about 50 moves.

Once the drawers are removed, they become independent puzzle boxes that must be assembled in the correct order. Along the road, you will encounter several special goodies that are only available during this event.

First Pillar In Jueyun Karst Water Puzzle

There is a pillar located in the northeastern part of the lake. Recover all of your Genshin Impact elemental counters and defeat the three waves of foes. After you have taken out all of the opponents, grab the treasure chest and then jump onto the pillar to interact with the glowing orange button on top of it.

How To Unlock Taishan Mansion In Genshin Impact

As the lake’s water level drops, a cinematic will play, revealing the second pillar to the Genshin Impact player.

Second Pillar In Jueyun Karst Puzzle

The recently dried-up lake will have an orange light, with glowing runes around it and a rock on top of it; in the cutscene, Small, pagoda-style statues adorn the area.

Fill each one with an orange, sparkling gemstone. You can find these sparkling pebbles surrounding the lake; they resemble black flowers with glowing orange centers.

Players can break rocks by repeatedly pounding on them. Re-enter the statue with the rock in hand and press the button.

Law Genshin’s Effect On Taishan

In order to activate all three statues, you must locate three rocks. A cinematic will play, and you will be able to continue the game’s story by interacting with the central pillar. Do not forget to look at the Genshin Impact chests later to see if there are any more prizes inside.

The Taishan Mansion Domain Is Unlocked

Consult the map below. Several waves of enemies will spawn as soon as you enter the area. It is possible to interact with the shrine after defeating the ninjas. Climb the pillar to begin the task and then drain some of the water that has engulfed the realm.

Next, you will need to ignite the lanterns surrounding the central area. You can locate glowing ore near the water’s edge and mountains. Use a claymore-wielding figure to quickly demolish the ore and get the light inside to follow you. Activate it by bringing it near one of the central lanterns.Some Special Technique On Battle Of A Fashion Challenge In Pok√©mon Go .

This procedure should be repeated thrice to ensure that all three are working. The light will stop following you after a short period, so you’ll want to move quickly. It is also possible to have multiple lights follow you at once.

How To Unlock Taishan Mansion In Genshin Impact

To unlock the shrine, activate the three lanterns in the center. Please look at the drain, then get in the water to activate it. Unlocking the Taishan Mansion domain has now been completed.

In addition, a Precious Chest will spawn in front of the domain’s entrance. In Genshin Impact, Jueyun Karst’s domain can now be unlocked in the same way described above.

The Taishan Mansion Guide Location

Liyue’s Minlin region is where you will locate Taishan Mansion. Because of the size of the water, you will not have any trouble finding it at first.

Taishan Mansion Best Team

Thundering Fury 4 set with (80) The Black Sword, 1800 Atk. 61/175 percent Cr Rate/DMG. 6/6/4 talents. Team: Lv 80 C0 Keqing Lv87 C6 Fischl, Thundersoother 4 with (80)Slingshot, 1550 Atk, 40/131 Cr Rate/DMG, 6/9/9 talents. Lv80 C3 Xinqiu, with a random set-Berserker and Gladiator with (80)Festering Desire, 31/144 Cr rate, and DMG, 6/6/8 talents.

Taishan Mansion Underwater

To get into Taishan Mansion, you will need to get through many challenges. Once you have reached that level, your map will show Jueyun Karst, designated as an Adventure Level 26 marker.

In order to enter, you must find a technique to raise the water level above the entryway. For this, you will need to figure out a relatively straightforward riddle, but the answer is not immediately apparent.

On the map above, the player icon points to the central Monolith. This area contains a monolith that has been locked and some adversaries. More will spawn in their place once you have taken out all of the bad guys.

Do not give up until all of the waves have been defeated. A chest will appear when the final one dies, and you will be able to lower the water a little with the Monolith. The central platform, some stone lamps, and another locked monolith will be revealed.

Look around for illuminating Geo crystals. Break one with your blade, and you will see a speck of light hovering around you. This platform’s central lamps need motes, which you must deliver. You will find a cluster of crystals among the cliffs around the lake.

The motes will eventually vanish, but the Geo crystals will return fast. You will be able to interact with the central Monolith and lower the water level by one level after all three of them are illuminated.

The Abyssal Domain can be accessed via interacting with the door of Taishan Mansion, which will spawn a chest near the front door.


1. How Do I Unlock The Taishan Mansion Domain?

There is a puzzle you must solve to get inside the Taishan Mansion before you may enter it. To accomplish this, you must empty the water from Jueyun Karst in Liyue. The first of two pillars that need to be activated may be found on the northeastern side of the lake.

2. How Do You Solve The Puzzle In Taishan Mansion?

In order to solve the Taishan Mansion Puzzle, you will need to empty the lake of water. You must interact with two pillars at the lake corner and middle of the room.

3. How Do You Clear The Water In Jueyun Karst?

Towards the western edge of the domain, near the Taishan Mansion, there are two Teleport Waypoints: one that leads to Guili Plains and the other that leads southwest. Adepti of Liyue are said to live in Jueyun Karst; mortals are typically unable to go there.

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