How To Get To The Flowering Orchard In The Lost Ark

In the lost ark game, Mokoko seeds are very important for the players as that is their lifeblood. The flowering orchard in Lost ark has plenty of locations full of Mokoko seeds. To reach that area, you first need to go to the Rambutan orchard remote area location.

You can collect many mokoko seeds from various continents of the game. However, you can get a handful of them in 10 flowering orchard areas in the East Luttera continent.

Flowering orchard in the continent has many different areas to cover for the player, but you can find all seeds in different locations here.

As you move towards collecting seeds, you will get close to the Blackrose chapel. After that, you will need to cross a difficult area called the Traveling circus camp.

To know the location of every mokoko seed, read the following description.

First Mokoko Seed – At The Sunbright Hill 

The first mokoro seed is located in a hidden condition in a big bush at the flowering orchard in the lost ark.

You will enter the flowering orchard area from Sunbright hill following the central road. While walking on that route, stick to the left side of the road.

As you move ahead, you can notice that the route becomes thinner. At that time, you need to cross three people there: a complaining person, an anxious peddler, and a peddler.

You can locate a large bush some distance from them in the southeast corner. The bush is located on the right side of a fence. You can get the seed from that bush.

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Mokoko Seed Two – Across The Stone Bridge

After collecting the first seed, keep following the same path in the northwest direction. While walking on the route, you will see the stone bridge after some time.

It would be best if you crossed that bridge to find Knight Boens. Also, pass that knight and continue walking.

Then turn right when you reach the Orchard keeper flitch. After turning, cross the first tree on your left side. Then you will see another tree beside the first one.

Head to the base of the second that second tree. In front of that tree, you will see some barrels and a blue, glowing lamp. Within those objects, you can find the second mokoko seed.

How To Get To The Flowering Orchard In The Lost Ark

Mokoko Seed Three To Five – Sien Inn

To collect the third mokoko seed at the flowering orchard in the lost ark, go to the north from Sien inn triport.

There it would help if you walked along the northwest road and stuck to the right side. When you move downwards on the hill, you will see a tree. Look carefully beneath the tree branches; next to the wall, you will find the third seed hidden there.

After crossing that, you will arrive at a crossroads. From there, head north first, then turn northwest at the fork amidst the cloudy clearing, and you will find a tree standing alone overlooking the river.

Go to the right side of the tree, and you will find the fourth mokoko seed on the grass over there.

From that position, walk in the southwest direction towards the potion master Gemini on the map. After you reach the potion master, head west, then instantly north. Now follow the path until you come across a turning next to bright purple flowers. 

When you see those flowers, take the turning that leads to the west. After taking the turn instantly north of that, you will find a slope leading towards a door of an underground building.

Go inside that building, and you will see four barrels. It would help if you destroyed those barrels to get the fifth mokoko seed.

Mokoko Seed Six – East Of The Sien Inn Triport

After collecting the fifth seed, you need to follow the main southeast road from Sien Inn triport. The road will take you into a large field. It would be best if you kept moving towards the east side until you noticed a dilapidated thatched shed for storage.

Enter into the field that is situated behind the shed. You will see a tree in the field and find the sixth seed in its roots on the left side of the tree. 

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Mokoko Seeds Seven And Eight – South Of Denier Village

Go to Denier village first and from there, take the southeast path and follow the most eastern part of the map. Keep walking until you watch a group of people involved in a meeting.

You will see the seventh seed on the stage placed on the left side of a crate.

After that, to collect the eighth seed, find nearby Reda on your map, a merchant of trade skill tools. When you locate her on the map, go southeast of her and keep walking as far from her as you can.

At one point, you will see some red stuff hanging from a tree, and a yellow basket is placed in front of it, accompanied by some dogs( sometimes). On the right side of that scenario, you will see a tree having red leaves.

Under the base of that tree, you will find the eighth mokoko seed.

How To Get To The Flowering Orchard In The Lost Ark

Ninth and tenth mokoko seed – At the  east part of Circus Encampment Triport

To get the ninth and tenth mokoko seed at the flowering orchard in the lost ark, go to the circus encampment triport first. Then go towards the east side from there and enter the destroyed village.

From the village center point, head towards the southwest corner. You will see the ninth mokoko seed lying on the ground there.

After collecting the ninth seed, go back to the village center and follow the northeast steps for the tenth mokoko seed.

Keep moving towards the northern corner until the Music box of Mayhem appears. You will see the last mokoko seed of the flowering orchard on the floor as you enter the place.

Just our secret lost ark

In the lost ark game, any player can earn incentive collectibles and extra rewards by getting “just our secret achievements”. To earn the extra credits, the player must attend secret places on secret maps.

In the quest, one player can invite other players to join the quest and share the rewards. Similarly, one player can respond to another’s invitation on a secret adventure and get the benefits.

Dalian orchard’s secret location

From the Sien inn triport, you need to go to the northeast side. After some time walking on that path, you will see a small area with a shed, and you can enter there. After you enter the shed, you will find an NPC who will guide you to complete the quest.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the secret Dalian orchard?

If you like to complete the secret Dalian orchard quest, then first reach Sien Inn triport in the flowering orchard. Afterward, go towards the northeast from there, and you can find a small area with a shed where you can enter.

That is the place for the secret Dalian orchard. Upon entering, you will need to interact with an NPC to complete the quest.

2. Where are the mokoko seeds in the flowering orchard?

You will find 10 mokoko seeds in the flowering orchard area, each in a different place. Here is a list of the places where you can find the seed.

  • The first one is located inside a large bush in the Sunbright hill area.
  • The second one is near some barrels and a blue lamp across the stone bridge.
  • The third one is located under lonely tree branches on the downhill of Sunbright hill.
  • You will find the fourth one on the grass beside a tree overlooking the river.
  • The fifth one is located inside barrels of an underground building.
  • The sixth one is situated in the roots of a tree standing in a large field.
  • The seventh seed is located on a stage in the south part of Denier village.
  • You will find the eighth seed in the Denier village after locating the nearby Reda.
  • You collect the ninth seed from the southwest corner of the destroyed village at the east part of Circus encampment triport
  • You will see the 10th seed at the northern corners of the destroyed village. 

3. What is the function of mokoko seeds?

Mokoko seeds are important collectibles for players in the lost, and they are often termed as the lifeblood of the player. In the game, the player gets rewards for how many seeds he has collected.

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