Best Way How To Get Caldarr Fusion Material In Lost Ark!

Wondering How to get Caldarr Fusion material in Lost Ark? Well, it is not that difficult, you can easily get the Caldarr Fusion materials by finishing different Welcome challenges or you can easily craft them at your Stronghold. 

Lost Ark is a very popular game having a wide range of gear and weapons to fight against all the enemies. While progressing through different quests, you will be required to upgrade your gear. Caldarr Fusion materials are one of those ingredients that are primarily used for Gear honing.

Although these rare materials are tricky to achieve and in this article, we will try to help you by letting you know various ways of getting Caldarr Fusion material in Lost Ark.

In Lost Ark How To Get Caldarr Fusion Material?

There are a few Welcome Challenges that you need to finish in order to get Caldarr Fusion Material in Lost Ark.  These are the missions that you need to finish-

  • #14 Item Lv.840! Way to Go!
  • #15 Abyssal Dungeon: Ark of Arrogance.
  • #17 Item Lv.960! Way to Go!
  • #18 Chaos Dungeon: Shadow Level 1
  • #19 Clear Guardian Raid: Frost Helgaia
  • #20 Abyssal Dungeon: Gate of Paradise

The above challenges require completing the Chaos Dungeons, Abyssal Dungeons and Guardian raids. While completing these challenges, you will get 50 Caldarr Fusion materials as a reward except for the last two challenges. But upon completing these challenges you will get 60 Caldarr Fusion Materials.

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So just move to the Welcome challenge menu and select the Gear upgrade tab in the game. You will also get all the details about these challenges and the required items that you will be needing to complete them.

How to get Caldarr Fusion material in Lost Ark

Where To Find Caldarr Fusion Material In Lost Ark?

If you are thinking of where to find Caldarr Fusion materials in Lost Ark then we are here to help. There are various places where you can find them. Before that, you are required to upgrade your Fortress so that you can get the Niv Complete Crafting Workshop Level 2 from the lab. 

As soon as you are done with that you have to make sure that you have reached Item Level 802 and you will then have access to the Crafting Method: Caldarr Fusion Material. 

To craft this you are required a few items such as 8x Iron Ore, 8x Wood, 1,152x Action Energy and 21x Gold. 

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All Caldarr Fusion Material Locations In Lost Ark

There are various different ways to fetch Caldarr Fusion material from different locations. There are three different ways to get Caldarr Fusion materials through- Excavating, Fishing and Hunting. 

These are the various types of items that you will require for these activities-


  • 7x Caldarr Relic.
  • 28x Rare Relic
  • 56x Ancient Relic
  • 80x Gold


  • 9x Caldarr Solar Carp
  • 36x Natural Pearl
  • 72x Fish
  • 80x Gold


  • 9x Caldarr Thick Raw Meat
  • 36x Tough Leather
  • 72x Thick Raw Meat
  • 80x Gold

We have discussed about the items required now we will try to figure out how to craft the Caldarr Fusion items in the next section.

How to get Caldarr Fusion material in Lost Ark

How To Craft Caldarr Fusion Material In Lost Ark?

In order to Craft Caldarr Fusion Material in Lost Ark, you will require these materials and a proper crafting recipe at your Stronghold. Here, are the steps to craft Caldarr Fusion Material in Lost Ark-

Step 1- Move over to your Stronghold and then open the Research tab.

Step 2- Now expand the Crafting recipe addition section to go through all the interesting recipes for Caldarr Fusion Materials.

Step 3- You might also need to finish certain quests and boost your Item lvl to unlock more of their crafting recipes.

Step 4- After having met all the required crafting items, craft these rare materials using certain items. These items will also vary depending on the recipes you are using.

However, in addition to these procedures, you can just skip the hassles and buy them directly in the game. In order to do so, just hit the F4 button to open Mari’s Secret Shop.

You will also get several bundles of Caldarr Fusion Materials in the shop. You can get them in exchange for the Blue Crystals. 

What Is Caldarr Solar Carp Lost Ark?

Caldarr Solar Carp in Lost Ark is one of the major available Fishing Loot in Lost Ark. It is basically a golden fish that has very unique scales. Its scales can be processed to replace special pearls or used as an exotic ingredient.


1.Where can I find fusion material in Lost Ark?

Caldorr Fusion is a rare material that you can find in the game Lost Ark. You will come across these materials after finishing various Welcome challenges or craft them at the Stronghold. You will come across the use of these once you reach Yorn and Feiton.

To get a fusion material you need to be above Level 50 and even have an Item Level of at least 600.

2.How do you get t3 fusion material in Lost Ark?

If you want to get t3 fusion material in Lost Ark by just crafting them at the Stronghold by excavating, fishing or hunting. Once you reach tier three you can even purchase them from Mari’s Secret shop in exchange for Blue crystals.

You need to follow the specific recipes for each that we have discussed in the article. 

3.Where can I buy Caldor fusion material?

You can easily find Caldor fusion material in Mari’s Secret Shop. You can purchase them in exchange for Blue Crystals.

4.Where can I buy basic Oreha fusion material?

The cheapest and easiest way to get Oreha Fusion Material is by crafting at the Stronghold. With every batch of items you craft, you will be able to get 30 Oreha Fusion Material items very easily.

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