How To Get Bilbrin Wood Lost Ark?

The only way to get Bilbrin wood, as opposed to Timber, is to exchange Sceptrum’s Coins for it at either the Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel or the Plumpcrab Fishing Guild Vessel.

It contrasts with Timber, which may be harvested from naturally spawning trees. You may also barter seals with the Trade Merchants in your stronghold to get Bilbrin wood for your inventory.

In Lost Ark, navigating the oceans is essential to the gameplay. As a result, the player will need to devote a significant portion of their time collecting materials to level up their ship.

However, the difficulty of this endeavor increases with time as your spacecraft requires an increasing number of unique components and scarce minerals to be upgraded. 

The Bilbrin Timber, sometimes referred to as Bilbrin wood, is one of the uncommon materials that may be found here.

It is impossible to harvest it from trees that have been cut down since it is utilized in constructing lightweight ships. 

Within this article, we will explain the most effective way how to get bilbrin wood lost ark.

How To Get Bilbrin Timber In Lost Ark?

Follow the below steps to get the Bilbrin Timber in Lost Ark

  • In Lost Ark, it requires different resources to upgrade your ship, and the higher the level of your ship, the rarer and more difficult to collect the materials you need are.
  • One of the resources that might be difficult to get early on in the game is Bilbrin Timber. It is especially true later in the game.
  • Even after you have progressed to the stage where upgrading your ship requires Bilbrin Timber, you may have to wait sometime before you can readily get it.
  • In Lost Ark, obtaining Bilbrin Timber may be done in two methods. You may get it from the Rohendel iteration of the Plumpcrab Fishing and Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessels or Trade Merchants in your stronghold if you want to buy it.
  • You won’t be able to acquire Bilbrim Timber from the Traveling Merchant Ships in Rohendel until later in the game, even though doing so from them is the quickest way to do so once you have access to them.
  • You may trade Sceptrum’s Coins in exchange for Bilbrin Timber at either the Plumpcrab Fishing Guild Vessel or the Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel in Rohendel. Both of these vessels are located in Rohendel. It takes 25 Sceptrum’s Coins to purchase a single Bilbrin Timber.
How To Get Bilbrin Wood Lost Ark?
  • Even though both of these Traveling Merchant Ships have the same name, the only ones that trade Bilbrin Timber are the ones that come in Rohendel’s port, Lake Shiverwave. These Traveling Merchant Ships may appear at any port in the game.
  • You may locate Guild Vessels for Plumpcrab Fishing and Spearfish Hunting in ports when you unlock sailing. These Guild Vessels provide resources for sale in return for Gienah’s Coins. However, they do not offer Bilbrin Timber for sale.
  • It is impossible to go to Rohendel unless you have attained item level 460 and finished the quest A New Voyage. Amid the water, a mystical wall stands in your way before you can do so.
  • In Lost Ark, the second method to get your hands on some Bilbrin Timber is to buy it from one of the several Trade Merchants who will show up in your stronghold.
  • It is not a dependable method, even though it is an excellent way to get Bilbrin Timber to have a Trade Merchant that offers Bilbrin Timber to visit your stronghold.
  • Some Trade Merchants do not have Bilbrin Timber on their list of products that they have the ability to sell, and even when there is a Trade Merchant that can sell it, it is not guaranteed that they will have it available for purchase at that moment.
  • In addition, there is a good likelihood that none of the Trade Merchants that can offer Bilbrin Timber has been unlocked for you yet, and you won’t have any of them until you’ve made it to Rohendel.
  • Astiel, Maxell, and Tuleu are examples of Trade Merchants who could have Bilbrin Timber available for purchase in exchange for seals. You might try talking to any of these individuals.
  • You may acquire more seals by successfully completing dispatch tasks inside your stronghold.

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What Is Bilbrin Wood In Lost Ark?

In Lost Ark, the substance known as Bilbrin Timber, often referred to as Bilbrin wood, is classified as Rare. It is a form of wood that is used in the process of modernizing as well as constructing lightweight ships.

How To Get Bilbrin Wood Lost Ark?

How To Get Spectrum Coins In Lost Ark?

The most dependable method for acquiring Sceptrum’s Coins is to do so via the procurement of High Seas Coin Chests. When you have the chest in your possession, it will automatically be placed in your inventory.

To get this money, you must open it there and pick Sceptrum’s Coins.

You may also use Procyon’s Compass to locate Adventure Islands that provide Chests of High Seas Coins as a prize.

To launch Procyon’s Compass, go to the top-right corner of the screen and click the compass icon located directly beneath your mini-map. In Lost Ark, participating in these daily tasks is an effective method to get Sceptrum’s Coins.

Follow the below steps:

  • You will have to do certain objectives before you can get your hands on this cash. But the quickest way to get them is by performing tasks on the island, enabling you to obtain High Seas Coin Chests. Completing these objectives will allow you to obtain the High Seas Coin Chests.
  • You will need to go to the islands to get the chests. Once you have finished the job on each island, you will be able to receive chests of deep-sea coins. These chests include a variety of currencies that are used for navigation, including spectrum coins.
  • Once discovered, the chest will be placed in your inventory, and you can access it there to crack it open and get the money.
  • You may utilize the compass that Procyon gave you to locate adventure islands. On these islands, you will uncover chests containing deep-sea coins. 
  • To access this feature, you must click on the compass icon located below the mini-map.

Where To Find Bilbrin Timber In Lost Ark?

Sail to Lake Shiverwave, situated on the eastern side of Rohendel, to collect some Bilbrin wood. Doing so is the simplest method to do so.

Both the Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel and the Plumpcrab Fishing Guild Vessel are itinerant commercial ships that may be found in this region. Both merchant ships will sell Bilbrin timber in return for Spectrum’s Coins if you want to do business with them.

How To Get Bilbrin Wood Lost Ark?

Bear in mind that the Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel and the Plumpcrab Fishing Guild Vessel may dock in any port; however, they will only sell Bilbrin wood while parked in Lake Shiverwave at Rohendel.

It is the only place they will sell it. Always keep an eye on the pier at Lake Shiverwave port since ships will be docking there about every 10 to 15 minutes. It

will cost you 25 Sceptrum’s Coins if you want to buy a single piece of Bilbrin wood.

You may also buy bilbrin wood from the Trade Merchant located in your stronghold. It is an alternative method of collection. On the other hand, the likelihood of a Trade Merchant turning up at your Stronghold with Bilbrin timber is quite low.

As a result, this is an approach that is not always trustworthy. Tuleu, Astiel, and Maxelle are three examples of the kinds of merchants who may transport Bilbrin wood.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I farm Bilbrin timber in Lost Ark?

At this time, the merchant’s shop adjacent to Rohendel offers the most reliable means of acquiring Bilbrin Timber among the several methods available in Lost Ark. The ship’s destination is Lake Shiverwave.

Under their store’s “Exchange” tab, the traveling merchant ship is known as the “Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel” will offer to sell you Bilbrin Timber. To get a single piece of Bilbrin wood, you will need to pay 25 coins from Spectrum’s Treasury.

2. How do you get Bilbrin timber in stronghold?

In Lost Ark, you may get Bilbrin Timber by purchasing it from the Rohendel variants of the Plumpcrab Fishing Guild Vessel and the Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel, both of which are Traveling Merchant Ships, as well as from Trade Merchants located inside your stronghold.

3. How do you get to Lost Ark Eurus?

The “Ride Like the Wind” quest must be started from Peyto to get the Eurus Ship in the game; all the player has to do to start the quest is stand in the orange circle.

The player must go to Turtle Island, Tortoyk, and Revelry Row to finish the quest. They dock their ship, stand in the orange circle, and move on to the next location.

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