How To Get Stardust In Pokemon Go- Guide For The Pokemon Trainers

Pokemon go! One of the most popular online video games for iOS and Android device users! No wonder those who play Pokemon go regularly, must be huge fans of the show Get Stardust In Pokemon Go.

Released in 2016, this video game has gained popularity for its brilliant features and for the opportunities it provides to the players.

Now if you are a regular player of Pokemon go, you must be knowing that Stardust is one of the necessary items in this online video game.

Unfortunately, this resource is often neglected by the players while they are playing video games. But you have to remember that you will need stardust in the game Pokemon go no matter what.

If you are a new player in this video game, you may not have the idea from where you can get the stardust. That is why I have decided to explain to you how to get stardust in Pokemon Go.

As a trainer in the game Pokemon Go, you will need the Stardust to power the Pokemon you have for the battle of Gym and Raids.

You also have to trade the stardust in order to buy the secondary charge moves. Stardust is also extremely important as you will need it for purifying the Shadow Pokemon.

Just take a look at the points that I have listed below. You will get an idea of what you are going to read in this article. Obviously, they all are related to the game Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Stardust Farming- An Easy Guide For The Players

Do you know the best part of this game? You can have 100 Stardust for each Pokemon you catch in this game. Now I know that this is not much in the world of Pokemon Go, but every time you catch a Pokemon, the amount of your stardust will be increased.

Pokemon Go Stardust Farming
Pokemon Go Stardust Farming

One of the easiest ways to get Pokemon in this game is that you have to hatch the eggs or go for capturing the Pokemon. This process is called Pokemon Go Stardust Farming.

Now if as a trainer, you are able to catch an already evolved Pokemon, you can earn 200 Stardust.

You have to catch the eggs by walking. You have to remember that each egg you hatch has a certain amount of Stardust. That is why you need to walk and collect the eggs.

  • If you hatch eggs that is within 2 km distance, you will earn 400 to 800 Stardust.
  • If you hatch the eggs that are within 5 km, you will earn 800 to 1600 Stardust.
  • Hatching the eggs that are around 7 km gives you 800 to 1600 Stardust.
  • If you hatch eggs that are within 10 km, you can earn 1600 to 3200 Stardust.
  • If you hatch eggs that are within 12 km, you can earn 3200 to 6400 Stardust.

You can try another two approaches to earn the Stardust. One is Field Research and the other is Raids. If you successfully complete these two processes, you can earn a plenty amount of Stardust. You also get a free Raid per day. A great feature, indeed!

There are also other two processes of earning Stardust in Pokemon Go. They are Weather and Spotlight Hours.

But these situations are out of the control of the trainer. As a trainer, you have to wait for real-time weather, as each Pokemon is responding to particular weather.

Spotlight Hour is a special event that comes every week. You can see a special Pokemon in that special event. You can also have a bonus effect.

Buy Stardust Pokemon Go- A Way Of Boosting Stardust

You have to buy an item, called Star Pieces from the shop. These star pieces cost 100 coins. You can also buy eight of them together for 640 coins.

These Star pieces are very, very rare. You can earn them either by leveling up or by some special research rewards.

Always keep in mind that no matter how much Star Piece you get, these items can only last for 30 minutes. Earning Star Pieces is very important for you as a trainer as these things can boost all the Stardust you have by increasing the 50%.

What Are Star Pieces In Pokemon Go?

Star Pieces in Pokemon Go are those extremely necessary store items that you can purchase from the shop for 100 coins. In Pokemon Go, star pieces can boost the Stardust you have earned so far by increasing them by almost 50%.

What Are Star Pieces In Pokemon Go
What Are Star Pieces In Pokemon Go

But you have to keep in mind that these star pieces can last for a very short period of time. They can only last for 30 minutes. Therefore, you have to be very careful and you need to use them within 30 minutes after you have bought them.

Star Pieces in Pokemon Go are the special things that you can add to your patch 0.85.

Pokemon Go: Fast Stardust- How To Get It

Take a look at the below section to get the fast stardust in Pokemon go.

  • You should buy a Pokemon Go Plus and then you have to collect as many Pokemon you can.
  • You can buy Incubators and then you must collect or gather as many eggs of Pokemon by hatching and walking.
  • For every half an hour, you need to feed so many berries to the friendly Pokemon.
  • You have to open at least 20 gifts for a day. It will help you get the Stardust from them.
  • You will get stardust after completing field research work. So you have to complete the whole task to earn stardust as a reward.
  • You have to make sure that you are using your free Raid opportunities per day.
  • You should use your Star Pieces to boost up the level of your stardust.
  • You are in a Stardust event, you have to take the full advantage of the event.

These are ways by which you can earn and get Stardust even faster. Do make sure that you are using all the methods to gain your stardust.

How To Get More Stardust In Pokemon Go

You can use several ways to get more stardust in the game Pokemon Go. But there is one way which is considered as the quickest and easiest way to gain more Stardust. You can earn more Stardust by catching the Pokemon.

  • In the base level, if you catch one Pokemon, you will earn 100 Stardust.
  • In the 2nd evolution level, you can get 300 Stardust per Pokemon.
  • In the 3rd evolution, you will earn 500 stardust for catching one Pokemon.
  • You can have 600 stardust as your bonus if you catch Pokemon on a daily basis.
  • Catching Pokemon for 7 days on a daily basis, you can have 3000 Stardust as your bonus.

Gain Stardust From The Weather- Boost Catches

  • In the base level, you can earn 125 Stardust for one Pokemon you catch.
  • You can earn 350 Stardust for one Pokemon in the 2nd evolution.
  • You can earn 625 Stardust in the 3rd evolution for catching one Pokemon in the wild.

Gain Stardust From The Research

  • When you complete one particular Field Research, you can earn 100- 4000 Stardust.
  • You complete a Fieldwork of 7 days, you can earn 2000 stardust.
  • When you complete a special Research, you can have 2000- 10,000 stardust.

Pokemon Go: When To Use Stardust

Stardust is extremely necessary for you as a trainer in Pokemon Go. With the help of Stardust, you will get the Strongest Pokemon. The moment you are about to power up the Pokemon you have, you will need some special and specific candies.

But you can’t ignore the importance of the Stardust when you are powering up your Pokemon. You will need a lot of stardust when you are doing the process.

Pokemon Go When To Use Stardust
Pokemon Go When To Use Stardust

Stardust will also provide you with the capability of buying secondary charge moves. You can use these moves in raids, Team Go rocket battles, Pokemon Go battle League and in the gym.

You have to get Stardust in order to purify every Shadow Pokemon you have when the Team Go Rocket arrives.

Last but not the list, you can also use Stardust when you are trading Pokemon.

How Much Stardust To Trade A Shiny Pokemon- How Much Does It Cost?

When you are trading a Shiny Pokemon or a Legendary Pokemon to your friend, you can fix its price as 1,000,000 Stardust. You can bargain and decrease the cost for a Great friend up to 800,000 Stardust.

For Ultra Friends you can decrease it up to 80,000 and for a Best Friend, you can lower the cost up to 40,000 Stardust.

Pokemon Go Trade Cost

Pokemon TypesFor a Good FriendFor a Great Friend
Standard Pokemon10080
Legendary Pokemon (Owned)2000016000
Legendary Pokemon (Unowned)1000000800000


  • What Gives You The Most Stardust In Pokemon Go?

You can earn the most Stardust by capturing Pokemon Go. If you catch the most-based Pokemon, you can get 100 Stardust.

  • Do You Get Stardust For Evolving Pokemon Go?

In the 1st evolution chain, you can get 100 stardust. In the 2nd evolution chain, you will have 300 stardust. In the 3rd evolution chain, you will have 500 Stardust.

  • How Do I Get More Stardust Pokemon Go Hack?

You can hatch more eggs.
You can protect a Gym.
You can receive and send gifts.

  • How Do You Get 50000 Stardust In Pokemon Go?

You can get 50,000 Stardust at once by boosting Stardust with Star Piece or buy trading Pokemon to your friends.

The Final Words

Pokemon Go really a cool game to play. It’s full of excitement and thrill. With Stardust, you will have more power with you. All the best!

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