Witcher 3- the detailed explanation

Do you know what the best Witcher three builds are? How to upgrade witcher gear?

To know this, you have to understand what the game is.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was created in Poland as an adventure role-playing game from 2015 based on fantasy series by Andrzej Sapkowski. A Polish developer, Project Red released it. It is the counterpart to The Witcher 2: King’s Massacres and the third major iteration of the video game series The Witcher played in an open world with a third-person perspective.

The game takes place in the imaginary imagination of Slavonic mythological realms, with players taking the main character Geralt of Rivia, a hired beast, identified as a Witcher searching his lost adoptive daughter from Wild Hunt. 

Players combat with guns and Magic against the many hazards in the game, communicate with non-playing characters, and complete searches to win gold and encounters that improve Geralt’s abilities and buy gear. His core plot has multiple endings, decided at certain stages in the game by the player’s decision.

The Witcher 3 is the third and last edition of the CD project RED games of the Geralt witcher of Rivia. The CD project RED. The game was initially intended for release in late 2014 and was re-opened on February 24 2015. It sold more than 4 million copies worldwide within the first two weeks after the launch of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, its sequel, more than double the overall sales. 

In comparison to earlier titles, The Witcher 3 takes more than 100 hours of content 

to the multi-regional open-world. Several early articles said that the developers were designing an open world similar to Skyrim, but 20% bigger. Even though Bethesdas’ Open World conception has plenty to admire, the developers attempted not to replicate what they considered as the game’s shortcomings.

feline witcher gear


  • Basic motive to play the game
  • Guidelines for Witcher 3 gear sets
  • Best Witcher 3 armour sets
  • Feline Witcher Gear Set
  • Basic Feline Witcher Gear
  • Enhanced Feline Witcher Gear
  • Superior Feline Witcher Gear
  • Mastercrafted Feline Witcher Gear
  • Grandmaster Feline Witcher Gear
  • Witcher 3 flawless ruby
  • How to upgrade witcher gear?
  • Witcher three armour sets
  • Scavenger hunt cat school gear
  • Undvik armour
  • Where can you find Undvik armour?
  • Where can you find witcher three cat school diagrams?
  • Where do you get witcher three cat school gear maps?
  • How do you get to the witcher three temple isle?
  • Best Witcher 3 build
  • Witcher three best crossbow
  • Witcher 3 dimeritium plate
  •  Est Tayiar
  • Toussaint steel sword
  • Where is Reardon manor chest?
  • Oxenfurt gate
  • Cat locations dreaming city
  • Witcher three armour location
feline witcher gear

Basic motive to play the game

There is chaos in the universe. The air and smoke of villages are heavy with tension. Once more, the fearful Dictatorship of Nilfgaard raged the weak Realms of the North. The once strong man who attempted to make use of Geralt is dead. In these turbulent days, nobody can tell how much prosperity there is who can bring peace and just suffering to the world. But a power becomes darker and fatal. 

The little men and women of tin-plated armies refuse to know that their fight is a child’s play relative to the other-world challenge that now exists. For centuries these disgusting spectral riders plagued society and brought suffering to the world. This time the Wild Hunt is searching for one person in particular: the one individual Destiny itself bestowed upon Geralt, the one soul Geralt considers kin.

feline witcher gear

Guidelines for Witcher 3 gear sets

The basic need-to-know information about gear sets in The Witcher 3:

  • Witcher Gear is the oldest and most specialized equipment level above Master and Magic. In your stock, Witcher equipment is coloured green.
  • In the base edition of The Witcher 3, there are four witcher equipment and four additional equipment, some free and some charged via the DLCs.
  • Each kit normally involves a complete set of arms, a silver sword, a steel sword and a crossbow occasionally.
  • You will have to track their blueprint diagrams worldwide for each piece of equipment in a package before you can craft them. The basis for the different side-quests in scavenger hunt cat school gear is to track these plans.
  • Gear sets are required because a set’s equipment is one of the best in the game. What is more, with additional materials and plans each piece of most gear sets can be updated several times. 
  • Upgrade phases are from the lowest to the highest for most gear sets: Basic, Enhanced, Superior, Mastercrafted, and Grandmaster. You will render iconic versions in both of these levels in New Game +.
  • One last tip: don’t forget the planned thresholds for the Scavenger Hunt quests. They are not only the level to be recommended while the enemies protect the schemes; they are also the level expected for the equipment to be fitted when it is built. Don’t bother to hurry a collection long before you hit the proposed stage.

Best Witcher 3 armour sets

The classification of the strongest Witcher equipment in The Witcher 3 for each set, here you have detailed the locations and recommended stages of scavenger hunt cat school gear and all the equipment in this set.

Feline Witcher Gear Set

  • Equipment Types: All Armor, Silver Sword, Steel Sword, Crossbow
  • Basic Feline Witcher Gear: Velen/Novigrad, Level 17
  • Enhanced Feline Witcher Gear: Velen/Novigrad, Level 23
  • Superior Feline Witcher Gear: Velen/Novigrad, Level 29
  • Mastercrafted Feline Witcher Gear: Skellige, Level 34
  • Grandmaster Feline Witcher Gear: Toussaint, Level 40

Another armour set you can gain by forging is feline witcher gear (cat school gear). Around Novigrad and Velen you will find the first series needed for this particular equipment.

  • Basic Feline Witcher Gear

Witcher 3 cat school gear location has in the level 17 that is required for the basic feline which gear is given below.

  • Feline Silver Sword
  • Feline Steel Sword
  • Feline Crossbow
  • Feline Armor Set
feline witcher gear

The list below has the stats of each basic feline which gear. 

Item NameStatsRequired Ingredients
Feline Steel Sword138 – 153 Damage,Chance for bleeding +5%,Bonus XP from Humans +5%1x Leather Straps,4x Iron Ingot,1x Monster Saliva,1x Ruby Dust
Feline Silver Sword216 – 240 Damage,Aard Sign Intensity +12%,Chance for bleeding +5%,Bonus XP from Monsters +20%1x Monster Eye,2x Silver Ingot,2x Leather Straps,1x Ruby Dust
Feline Armor105 Armor,Attack Power + 5%,Piercing Defense +5%,Slashing Defense +5%,Monster Defense +5%,Elemental Defense +20%1x Shirt,2x Hardened Leather,2x Dark Steel plate,2x Hardened Timber,1x Powdered Monster Tissue
Feline Boots37 Armor,Attack Power + 5%,Piercing Defense +1%,Slashing Defense +2%,Monster Defense +2%,Elemental Defense +5%2x Hardened Leather,1x Dark Iron Ore,2x Monster Eye,2x Leather Straps,1x Hardened Timber
Feline Gauntlets33 Armor,Attack Power + 5%,Piercing Defense +1%,Slashing Defense +1%,Monster Defense +1%,Elemental Defense +5%2x Cured Leather,1x Dark Iron Ore,2x Monster Tooth,2x Nails,1x Hardened Timber
Feline Trousers37 Armor,Attack Power + 5%,Piercing Defense +1%,Slashing Defense +3%,Monster Defense +3%,Elemental Defense +10%4x Leather Scraps,1x Cured Leather,2x Silk,1x Hardened Timber,1x Monster Brain
  • Feline Silver Sword

In the eastern section of Velen, in the ruins of Est Tayiar, descend through the wide hole in the ground to the underlying tunnel. A wall that can be broken by Aard is on your right – behind it, there is a skeleton.

  • Feline Steel Sword

Go into Castle Drahim, south of Novigrad, and go down to the lower level of the staircase. There is a chest with a diagram of Steel Blade.

Feline Witcher Gear
  • Feline Crossbow

A floating wreck near the island south of the lighthouse is found off the west coast of Redania (southwestern of Novigrad). Skip on board the ship to get off into the hold to locate the chest.

feline witcher gear
  • Feline Armor Set

Take the high tower on the Temple Isle in Novigrad IN witcher three feline armour, from the south, along the rear road to find a shortcut underneath the tower, along the west cliff. You will have an illusion that you will need to push through the amulet of Keira Metz (acquired during the key Wandering in the dark quest). There is a Golem in the main chamber – derail it and take the steps down the road to the left. Climb up to the next room for a few sculptures that cover a wide field. Destroy any Wraith who can emerge and rotate all the statues to face within. When the floor has opened, extract drowners, swim to the bottom of the grotto, retrieve the Key for laboratory from the skeleton. 

Feline Witcher Gear

Now crackled former witcher identified as Crazy Kiyan will be found inside the lab once. Drop him and spoil him to discover the feline armour witcher 3 location.

Enhanced Feline Witcher Gear

  • Enhanced gear location
  • Enhanced Chest Armor
  • Enhanced Gauntlets
  • Enhanced Steel Sword
  • Enhanced Boots
  • Enhanced Trousers
  • Enhanced Silver Sword

Enhanced Feline Gear is level 2 upgrade to the standard Feline / Cat School Gear. This set is better for players level 19 /20 since improved silver, and steel sword are level 19 and shield pieces are level 20. Six collection diagrams are spread all over Novigrad and Velen. It’s pretty easing to obtain all the pieces because no enemies are in close vicinity
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Item NameStatsRequired Ingredients
Enhanced Feline Steel Sword174 – 212 Damage,Chance for bleeding +10%,Bonus XP from Humans +5%1x Monster Claw,2x Dark Steel Ingot,2x Leather Straps,1x Feline Steel Sword,1x Ruby Dust
Enhanced Feline Silver Sword270 – 330 Damage,Aard Sign Intensity +14%,Chance for bleeding +10%,Bonus XP from Monsters +20%1x Monster Hair,2x Meteorite Silver Ingot,1x Leather Scraps,1x Feline Silver Sword,1x Ruby Dust
Enhanced Feline Armor135 Armor,Attack Power +10%,Piercing Defense +6%,Slashing Defense +8%,Monster Defense +8%,Elemental Defense +30%1x Feline Armor,4x Hardened Leather,2x Dark Steel plate,2x Lunar Shards,2x [Monster Blood]]
Enhanced Feline Boots49 Armor,Attack Power +5%,Piercing Defense +2%,Slashing Defense +3%,Monster Defense +3%,Elemental Defense +5%2x Hardened Leather,1x Feline Boots,1x Dark Iron Ore,2x Monster Eye,2x Leather Straps,1x Hardened Timber
Enhanced Feline Gauntlets45 Armor,Attack Power +5%,Piercing Defense +2%,Slashing Defense +2%,Monster Defense +2%,Elemental Defense +5%2x Cured Leather,1x Feline Gauntlets,1x Dark Iron Ore,2x Monster Tooth,2x Nails,1x Hardened Timber
Enhanced Feline Trousers49 Armor,Attack Power +5%,Piercing Defense +2%,Slashing Defense +4%,Monster Defense +4%,Elemental Defense +10%4x Leather Scraps,1x Feline Trousers,1x Cured Leather,2x Silk,1x Hardened Timber,1x Monster Brain
  • Enhanced feline armour

Take the Deserted Manor of the Aeramas to get to the destroyed structure. Take the escalators and crochet directly around the corner, locating the chest by a fine bookshelf. It is the strengthened feline armour.

  • Enhanced Feline Boots

Then go east of Toderas to the cave and go inside with the senses of your witcher. Not that far into and to the left is a chest with the Upgraded Feline Boots diagram.

Feline Witcher Gear
  • Enhanced feline gauntlets 

You may need to cross some curtains with locals to see any enemies before you can start searching for the diagram, depending on whether you were at Codger’s quarry or not. Go straight into the back of the mine, and you should be there with your chest.

  • Enhanced feline trousers

Go to the lower eastern corner on the central island town of Velen. A building can be reached by water from the lane. Go around the door of the computer and go to the basement on some steps. It is part of several cellars, but we don’t want to walk through any of the metal doors. You should switch the senses of the witches on the opposite wall and see where the bricks can be pushed, and you have a button looking straight out to unlock this secret door and to open the chest.

  • Enhanced Feline steel sword

In Velen there is a cellar in a bear guarded cave off the road south-west of Toderas. Kill the bear and go straight ahead for the chest with the feline steel sword enhanced.

Enhanced Feline Silver Sword

There is a ledge in the vicinity of Oxenfert Gate, hiding a ladder that will give you entry to this house. The chest you want is at the foot of a floor bed.

  • Superior Feline Witcher Gear

The third enhancement for basic Cat school gear is Superior Feline Cat Gear diagrams. You need the Upgraded Cat Gear to apply them first. This set is appropriate for level 25 (arms) and 26 players (armour set). Superior Feline diagrams are distributed around Velen. Any of these diagrams are guarded by strong enemies (18-27 levels).

Item NameStatsRequired Ingredients
Superior Feline Steel Sword217 – 265 Damage,Critical hit chance +5%,Chance for bleeding +10%,Bonus XP from Humans +5%1x Monster Tooth,3x Dark Steel Ingot,2x Leather Scraps,1x Enhanced Feline Steel Sword,1x Ruby
Superior Feline Silver Sword324 – 396 Damage,Aard Sign Intensity +14%,Critical hit chance +5%,Chance for bleeding +10%,Dismember Chance +7%,Bonus XP from Monsters +20%1x Monster Heart,1x [Dimeritium Ingot]],1x Leather Scraps,1x Enhanced Feline Silver Sword,1x Ruby
Superior Feline Armor165 Armor,Attack Power +15%,Piercing Defense +8%,Slashing Defense +11%,Monster Defense +11%,Elemental Defense +35%1x Enhanced Feline Armor,2x Cured Draconid Leather,2x Dimeritium plate,3x Quicksilver Solution,4x [Monster Hair]]
Superior Feline Boots61 Armor,Attack Power +10%,Piercing Defense +3%,Slashing Defense +4%,Monster Defense +4%,Elemental Defense +5%2x Hardened Leather,1x Enhanced Feline Boots,1x Dark Steel Ingot,2x [[Monster Bonre],2x Leather Straps
Superior Feline Gauntlets57 Armor,Attack Power +10%,Piercing Defense +3%,Slashing Defense +3%,Monster Defense +3%,Elemental Defense +5%2x Hardened Leather,1x Enhanced Feline Gauntlets,1x Dark Steel Ingot,4x Monster Claw,4x Leather Straps
Superior Feline Trousers61 Armor,Attack Power +10%,Piercing Defense +3%,Slashing Defense +5%,Monster Defense +5%,Elemental Defense +15%1x Dark Steel Ingot,1x Enhanced Feline Trousers,2x Silk,2x Hardened Timber,1x Monster Heart
  • Superior Feline Silver Sword

A west cave in Ursten is filled with level 18 enemies. Take them and go through the grotto, turning left on entering the biggest area. A wall that you must break with the sign of Aard is on the top of a ledge. It’s your chest underneath this.

  • Superior Feline Steel Sword

The cavern is across the northeastern waters of the main settlement. Swim inside and care about the 19 Gollem standards. There is a wooden deck behind the golem and between a barrel and a few bundles is your chest.

  • Superior feline armour

The chest of the entire Super Feline armour is tucked within the corner of a few ruins Southwest of Dragonslayers Grotto.

  • Mastercrafted Feline Witcher Gear

Mastercrafted feline armour is one of the finest sets of light armour in the game. It significantly enhances stamina recovery, the generation of the adrenalin point and the strength of the assault. The shield shall be carried at 31 levels, while the wielder of the swords shall be at 30 levels.

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Item NameStatsRequired Ingredients
Mastercrafted Feline Steel Sword253 – 309 Damage,Critical hit chance +10%,Chance for bleeding +15%,Bonus XP from Humans +5%1x Monster Bone,2x Demetrium Ingot,2x Leather Scraps,1x Superior Feline Steel Sword,1x Flawless Ruby
Mastercrafted Feline Silver Sword369 – 451 Damage,Aard Sign Intensity +15%,Critical hit chance +10%,Chance for bleeding +15%,Dismember Chance +10%,Bonus XP from Monsters +20%1x Powdered Monster Tissue,2x Dimeritium Ingot2x Cured Leather,1x Superior Feline Silver Sword,1x Flawless Ruby
Mastercrafted Feline Armor190 Armor,Attack Power +20%,Piercing Defense +10%,Slashing Defense +15%,Monster Defense +15%,Elemental Defense +45%1x Superior Feline Armor,2x Cured Draconid Leather,2x Dimeritium plate,3x Quicksilver Solution,4xMonster Hair
Mastercrafted Feline Boots71 Armor,Attack Power +10%,Piercing Defense +4%,Slashing Defense +5%,Monster Defense +5%,Elemental Defense +5%2x Hardend Leather,1x Superior Feline Boots,1x Dark Steek Ingot,1x Monster Bone2x Leather Straps
Mastercrafted Feline Gauntlets67 Armor,Attack Power +10%,Piercing Defense +4%,Slashing Defense +4%,Monster Defense +4%,Elemental Defense +5%1x Hardened Leather,1x Superior Feline Gauntlets,1x Dark Steel Ingot,4x Monster Claw,4x Leather Straps
Mastercrafted Feline Trousers71 Armor,Attack Power +10%,Piercing Defense +4%,Slashing Defense +6%,Monster Defense +6%,Elemental Defense +15%1x Dark Steel Ingot,1x Superior Feline Trousers,2x Silk,2x Hardened Timber,1x Monster Heart
  • Mastercrafted Feline Steel Sword

There is a back entrance to a Wraith den in the ruins of Kaer Gelen at Skellige. Defeat the Wraith stage 29 and continue up the escalator. In the centre, the wall is opened, and the chest is located.

  • Mastercrafted Feline Silver Sword

You will locate a part of the cave up the hill on an island in the southeast of Skellige, east of Harviken. Within there is a cracked door that you have to transfer with your Aard. Follow the steps down to two chests; on the right, the Mastercrafted Silver Sword diagram is included.

  • Mastercrafted Feline Armor

On the same island as the Sword of steel, but further south near Trottheim, are for the entire shield. On the coast, there is a canyon in which to dive. Only go right down this main hallway and go to the cave centre. Your chest is behind those stalagmites.

  • Grandmaster Feline Witcher Gear

Grandmaster Feline gear location

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3

The witcher three grandmaster feline gear required level is 40 and Blood and Wine DLC.

  • Part 1

The Ruins of Toussaint, east of the Arthach Palace is a fort with a large locked entrance. Come to the right of the building until you hit some climbing grooves, which helps you to access the compound and to defeat the 40 circles. It causes cutscene in which a trader can discover what’s been going on and to have permission to access the area. Towards the white door and inside the merchant’s head diagonally. On entering the second space is an image on the wall that includes a letter and the Feline Armor symbol.

  • Part 2

Go west to the ruins of the palace and battle against more bandits to clear the place. If they are conquered, another scene where the ruins are retrieved is triggered. Go up the main building, go to the landing near the blacksmith from the middle to demand another letter from the chest. Continue the quest, read it.

  • Part 3

Go towards the South of the Ruins and go inside the grotto. Proceed down the narrow hallway and turn left, as you reach the most accessible area at the back. The Witch’s senses should indicate loot containing the remainder of the diagrams to complete the plot.

Witcher 3 flawless ruby

In the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, flawless ruby is an intricate element that can be dismantled into a ruby. The following things need to be crafted.  

  • Feline silver sword  
  • Legendary Feline silver sword 
  • Feline steel sword 
  • Legendary Feline steel sword 

How to upgrade witcher gear?

Renovating the armour and arms for Geralt is not easy as refining the original component with more craftsmanship materials to improve its reputation in. In reality, in Witcher 3, there are several ways of making equipment more efficient.

The other way to improve this device is by striping the basic standard of the 

Witcher Gear that can be acquired utilizing quests known as Scavenger Hunts. These searches act as a map leading to a sequence of diagrams that Geralt can generate for a smithy. Witcher Gear’s sets correspond with separate witch classes. Each collection needs to complete an individual string to update the equipment. 

 Five levels of Witcher gear are available: Basic, Upgraded, Upper, Master, and Grand Master. In order to obtain the final Grandmaster level, the base sets must be updated. If the process does not appear long enough, the expert armourer and blacksmith is only released after individual searches are finished. 

The Grandmaster level is a perk, which provides additional gain from the simultaneous equipment of three Grandmaster pieces, while a second advantage when Geralt wears the whole set.

Tier Level Requirements

  • Basic – Level 11
  • Enhanced – Level 18
  • Superior – Level 26
  • Mastercrafted – Level 34
  • Grandmaster – Level 40

Witcher three armour sets

You will have to find armour or a blacksmith (weapons), to repair your equipment and you will have to find other things. You must have this package in your stock. Five Witcher gear sets are available, including Feline, Griffin, Manticore (Blood and Wine), Ursine, and Wolven.

Although Witcher Gear is not all the end, many players goto equipment are different witcher packs. Even as the base armour and damage is equally important to all Witcher Gear, so players should be careful about buffs and debuffs. For various buildups in abilities, different equipment would be easier.

  • Griffin (Sign Build)

Earlier, the Griffin school facilities can be achieved, which proved to be Geralt’s best choice at the outset. Provided the Sign Strength buff for transducers and additional Grandmaster advantages, the Griffin Gear is also ideally suited for sign construction.

  • Ursine (Tanky Sign Build)

The Ursine Gear is linked to the Bear’s Witcher Academy. It’s, therefore, a fairly tanky package that can defend Geralt well. Players should note that bulky armour delays the recovery of stamina. But the Grandmaster of the equipment takes advantage of the weakness by concentrating on active defence and using a resistance buff.

  • Feline (Tactical Swordmaster Build)

The Feline Gear is based on experience and is suitable for players who mainly rely on their tactical swords. This collection is, however, very slow to admit errors.

  • Manticore Grandmaster (Alchemy/Bomb Build)

The Manticore collection is perfect for the building of a bomb, which later on can be very useful. This collection also provides a higher standard for toxicity. It is only available on the Grandmaster scale, unlike other Witcher School Gear packs.

Witcher Gear is certainly ideal for specialization. However, keep in mind that the extra advantages will not extend until three or more fitted portions of the set reach Grandmaster’s standard. 

Low-level Witcher Gear isn’t just at the end, and Geralt could be stronger if the player doesn’t focus heavily on one set of abilities. However, it also provides a restore vitality advantage, which Geralt should take advantage of regardless of his combat plan. 

The best equipment in The Witcher 3 depends on the particular choice of the player for skill-building. If a player doesn’t want any speciality, Runes and Glyphs is a perfect way to modify weapon modifications using equipment with more base armour or damage than Witcher Kit. In this way, uncertain players can spend some time checking different fighting techniques and seeing what style suits them best.

Scavenger hunt cat school gear

Scavenger Hunt: Cat School Gear is a treasure hunt for Cat School Gear in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This portion is intended to locate the (standard base equipment, while the other ones are split into modernization searches.

Undvik armour

Undvik armour is a heavy armour and part of the Skellige Armor DLC, released on June 3, 2015, for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The craft of Undvik heavily inspires the structural elements of the armour.

Where can you find Undvik armour?

The Skellige Armor collection DLC for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the answer for this heavy armour. It is acquired from the Armorer in the citadel of Kaer Trolde. The craft of Undvik heavily inspires the structural elements of the armour.

Where can you find witcher three cat school diagrams?

At the Drahim Castle signpost just south of Novigrad you’ll find this diagram unregulated. 

The Cunny’s signpost is just south-west of the Goose. If you’re here, go down the ladders to find the diagram of the enhanced feline steel sword, but first, explore the entire castle.

Where do you get witcher three cat school gear maps?

It is the map set Merchant in Blackbough village close to Velen’s Crow’s perch improved set and Blackbough and situated on Standard witcher three cat school gear maps by the blacksmith and merchant.

How do you get to the witcher three temple isle?

The collection is housed under Novigrad’s temple island. Go to the island and walk north behind the last house along the cliff. You can discover a shortcut to a secret cave when you’re already present.

 Best Witcher 3 build

The best witcher three builds were beautifully designed and curated to explain just how you can make Geralt the greatest monster cabal that ever existed. We have an edge template to suit your needs whether you choose to use sorcery, alchemy, pure war, or like a real Witcher) a combination of all three.

The Witcher 3 builds, which carry Geralt in a radically different direction, are seen below. 

Then we will give you a bunch of advice and wisdom tips to bring your builds together. 

  • Euphoria build

It arguably the most powerful; emphasizes alchemy and swordplay. 

When our buildings start with a boom, there is nothing better than the euphoria build, 

called Euphoria, which increases your sword damage and your sign strength drastically, as your toxicity increases. 

 This structure is divided into swordplay and alchemy. The top half of the trees significantly increases the damage inflicted by both Swift and Heavy attacks and gives a great buff to attack strength by mutagenic synergies. But the lower half of the tree is what makes it so powerful, with various alchemy skills that allow you to strike several decoctions and drinking 

potions during a battle and sustain your toxicity as high as possible so that your damage by hit will be disgustingly powerful in a short time.

  • Full Combat build 

It emphasizes pure physical damage; a glass cannon build.It is a nice little construction here. The warning is that you need a genuine professional to use it entirely because that’s what you would claim to make a glass cannon. You must then be very good at preventing damage. It is surely a structure that must thrive in the liberal usage of Quen. 

By the way, you’ll find a whole set of helpful tips and wisdom on our The Witcher 3 fighting guide if you battle with that. Almost entirely from the fighting tree, this building takes abilities. Still, it also delves into alchemical energy only enough to activate the incredible synergy potential, which massively enhances the attack power this constructs (from 140% to 210%!). And the excellent Bloodbath mutant that like the building itself, rewards escaping damage from mountains of assaulting force is the overwhelming addition.

  • Versatile Tank build 

It is a mixture of leanings with an emphasis on survivability. The flexible tank builds are best buddies with the formidable Ursine Witch Gear. Geralt would be almost invulnerable. One of my favourites would be the build that I will suggest to start plays, and the Versatile Tank builds. 

A good blend of the three key trees of abilities (fighting, alchemy and signs) gives you the variety that many others lack. Potions and decoction will significantly improve your longevity and help keep your vitality up with a light emphasis on Quen. 

But in this build, there is also a decent amount of fighting ability and attack strength that enhances so that you can strike any opponent you face as hard. And naturally, at the centre of this building is a Second Life mutation which pushes you into the realms of almost invulnerability.

  • Signs & Magic build 

It focuses on extreme sign intensity & prolific magic use.It is a product of my efforts to develop a feasible sign-oriented finish game, which ended up being incredibly close to what a user called Sujiren already described very carefully 

 Their construction brought Sign Strength up to the absolute limit, while I lost the tip of this mystical arrow, which I believe was the biggest drawback. I deviated from the building of Sujiren by adding the power to cool and a green mutagen to the bottom right. You can see 

In my experience, you get a little tangier while also encouraging the signals to strike like a total lorry.

Witcher three best crossbow

The best crossbow you can equip is either the Ursine Crossbow or the Feline Crossbow because of their 15% bonus experience from monsters. It can be extremely helpful when trying to level up more quickly. Sadly, Witcher crossbows have no Legendary versions in New Game+, and they cannot be upgraded to a higher rarity to unlock the witcher set bonus.

Witcher 3 dimeritium plate

Dimeritium plate is the crafting component that can be dismantled into dimeritium ingots.

Est Tayiar

Est Tayiar is a place in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and situated east-northeast of Temerian Partisan Hideout. The powerful Sorceress Philippa Eilhart hid herself here for a time from King Radovid.

Toussaint steel sword

In Blood and Wine expansion, Toussaint steel sword is a steel sword in 2 distinct shapes: 

  • Toussaint steel sword (crafted) 
  • Toussaint steel sword (Magic)

Where is Reardon manor chest?

Reardon manor chest is a location in Witcher 3. It is located northeast of Dragonslayer’s Grotto and north of Downwarren

Oxenfurt gate

One of six gates that lead to the city of Novigrad is Oxenfurt Gate. It was named after another town in Redania: Oxenfurt. The door is the northernmost on the east side of the area.

Cat locations dreaming city

Cats who welcome offers and little presents that smell tiny of mint are concealed in Dreaming City. It can be tricky to locate all these cats, since they are concealed in dark corners, and far from the trail. Players that want to pick up a complete collection of Reverie armour must find and give a present to all cats.

Nine cats are hidden in the Dreaming City, and they reward them with a piece of Reverie’s armour after offering a small present to these cats. The Reverie armour collection is very effective since, in the Dreaming City, it increases player damage, even though it also increases player damage. Fortunately, the negative component of the mod can be separated from the armour, leaving just the positive impact.

  • The first cat is found behind the Oracle temple in the Spine of Keres.
  • The second cat is found at the top of the Oracle temple in the Spine of Keres. 
  • The third cat is found in the Divalian Mists, directly ahead of the fast travel point. 
  • The fourth cat is a bit difficult to find, as it is far off the beaten track. You have to head into Rheasilvia by starting at the Divalian Mists fast travel point and going straight ahead.
  • The fifth cat can be found outside the main building in Rheasilvia.
  • The sixth cat can be found inside the Harbinger’s Seclude, the temple structure at the rear of Rheasilvia. 
  • The seventh cat in Destiny 2’s The Dreaming City can be found deep within the Rheasilvia area, in the Harbinger’s Seclude, specifically, in the underground city. 
  • The eighth cat in the Dreaming City is found in The Strand, just before the Gardens of Esila area.
  • The ninth cat in the Dreaming City is found in the Gardens of Eslia. From The Strand, head into the Gardens of Eslia (area in the south with the circular/floral pattern).

Witcher three armour location

  • White Orchard Armorers

In White Orchard, there is an amateur armourer near the tavern. 

  • Velen Armorers

In the south of Velen, an amateur can be found in Midcopse. Another journeyman armourer can be found in Oxenfurt, in the northern part of town.

  • Novigrad Armorers

You can find a journeyman armourer in Hierarch’s Square, next to Vivaldi’s bank.

  • Skellige Armorers

Uralla Harbor on Skellig has an amateur armourer, nearer to the coast. There’s a journeyman armourer in Kaer Muire, the fort in the south-west of Ard Skellig.

A wide variety of different sets of armours is available in the Witcher 3. Although all of them are only around the maps, diagrams that can be used around the world must be created from the most powerful objects. Sometimes the strongest weapons and armour are the cat school gear, with each of them having a search line.


The game Witcher 3 is set on the Continent, the land of dreams and extra-dimensional realms. On the Continent, there are people, dwarves, dwarfs, monsters and other animals, but also non-humans are often persecuted for their distinctions.

I hope you now become a pro in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt after having been through these detailed game structures.

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