Destiny 2 in 2022: what’s new?

The release of the Destiny 2: Witch Queen add-on was postponed to February 2022 from autumn 2021. There were both successful add-ons and frankly failed ones. The previous add-on Beyond Light, though not bad at the start, quickly faded after the release. Seasons of the previous year had a good local history, developed the world of Destiny 2, but did not bring anything new or interesting to the game mechanics. Postponing the Witch Queen release date seemed like a risky decision, but as recent months have shown, it was worth it. We sincerely envy the newcomers to the game who will get to know it in 2022 with this add-on. And if, as a beginner, it will be uncomfortable for you to get involved in the game without experience at first, you can always turn to Destiny 2 services, which help you seamlessly integrate into the game already at a comfortable level and not feel a lack of any game metrics.

Destiny 2 in 2022: what's new?

Story line

The first and most important thing for a new add-on to be praised for is an interesting, large and real story campaign lasting 12-15 hours on the Legend difficulty level. And it is on it that we recommend getting acquainted with the history of Witch Queen! The combat balance, mechanics, and staging are reminiscent of the old Halo games that Bungie once made. Each battle requires patience, skill and strength in order to overcome it, and each boss seems to be an insurmountable challenge until you find a way to conquer it. This was sorely lacking in the story campaigns of Destiny 2 throughout its life cycle.

We also liked the story told by the writers. SavatĂșn is the main enemy in the Destiny series, the same queen of deceit and deceit, who invaded Mars on her ship. Exploring it, the Guardians find the throne world, the place where the soul of the Hive Queen goes after the death of the physical shell. However, it looks different, because it has Light in it, and the Knights of the Hive have Ghosts!

Finally, Bungie stopped creating an aura of mystery in each addition and showing local turmoil as the most important conflict in the universe. Finally, a real war with the Hive and its queen, a lot of references and teasers of upcoming changes in the game! So, in one of the tasks for the study of Savatun’s memories, she plays the game “two truths, two lies” with the Guardian. One of the lines spoken by the queen of deception, “King Oryx will be reborn” is nothing more than a nod to the addition of the King’s Fall raid from Destiny 1 to Destiny 2.

The new season of “Rebirth” also needs to be praised. The story of the Raven Guardian, who was formerly Uldren Sov and found out what he did in a past life, unfolds rapidly. I would like this character to remain our friend and good comrade, to whom the entire Destiny player community gave a second chance and forgave the murder of Cayde-6.

Grind variety

After so much time, the studio came up with a plan on how to make getting different types of weapons more enjoyable, understandable and reduce the time of stupid passing through the same activities, bringing variety. The creation of guns in a new hub on Mars can be called a way out of this situation, but the mechanics want to be both praised and scolded at the same time.

To get the recipe for the weapon of interest, you will first have to get a special version of it – some of it is given in the story, and some is obtained during the performance of activities. She is marked with a red icon and has progressed attuning Depth Vision. When it reaches 100%, the player will be able to get some of the materials from this weapon and add the recipe for creating it to their collection. And only after that the most interesting begins.

You can choose perks yourself from the list presented by Bungie, but in order to open them all, after creating a weapon, you will have to play with it constantly and pump it. After reaching the desired level of the barrel, you can “transform” it and change the perk to the one you need. This is very similar to the system from the first part of Destiny, but then no table for forging weapons was needed.

Destiny 2 Grind variety


After the unsuccessful Shadowkeep and the quickly deflated Beyond Light, there was a fear that Bungie would release a failed add-on again. However, it’s nice to be wrong! A great story and balance of missions on legendary difficulty. Music only complements these feelings and you want to listen to it even while Destiny 2 is closed, and you are minding your own business. Innovations, such as forging weapons and new activities, did not disappoint either.

It’s still too early to judge the Rebirth season – but so far everything is in place and perfectly complements the events that have already taken place in Witch Queen. The Vow of the Disciple raid is also unlikely to spoil your experience, even if it suddenly turns out to be worse than the previous ones. But be prepared for the fact that when buying an add-on, you will have to buy the season separately – now they are no longer given as part of the DLC.

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