The Journey Guide To A Little Lovely Music Lost Ark 

Currently, many gamers love to play the “A little lovely music lost ark “game, where they go on a virtual quest in a magical world. In that game, players have plenty of quest options, and “A little lovely music” is one of the most confusing.

The task appears every thirty minutes with a notification that the player needs to play music, which sometimes annoys the player. In the game, you can find the quest on the Revely Row island located south of the Vern continent.

The soundtrack changes as you move on into the game. During the initial portion, you can hear unnerving strings. That will transform into horrifying music when you enter “Miracle of the ark” in the game. While later in the game, you can hear Marion’s theme.

A Little Lovely Music Lost Ark Quest Guide

The quest is co-op type. You can easily find the quest on the Revely row island, which is situated in the south part of the Vern continent. Every thirty minutes, the quest starts in the game.

In that task, players must play “exciting music “at a specific dance spot in the middle of the island. Many players become confused after watching the instruction “play exciting music” and can not understand what to do. 

In the game, you do not need to play a song in your system to complete the task. You will see a Dj booth in the game, and you must go close to it and interact with it.

However, be careful of the TimeTime because you will have one minute and thirty seconds to complete the task. After completing the challenge, you will earn several silver coins, which you can use later in the quest.

From the task, you can earn silver coins of any amount from x168 to x503.

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Serenade Of Love

In the game A little lovely music lost ark, you will get plenty of quests to conquer, and Serenade of love is one of them. The player must repeatedly play the Serenade of a love song on the quest.

However, the player will require particular materials and rapport to play the Song. The journey will start from the heart-shaped island Leibehim, located between West Luttera and North Vern.

You can start the quest after you get the quest named The light of love from an NPC called Zenri.

The Song Serenade of love is a romantic song, and to play the Song, you must find it first. You will need rapport in the Lost ark like love, respect, and loyalty to play the Song.

All of those rapports you can collect by completing quests of West luttera and North Vern. After completing the North Vern questline, you can get the Song. You can listen to the Song during your quest.

The romantic Song is appropriate for romantic situations, and the quest is on Leibehim island.

The songs play important roles in communication and teleporting the player to different places. Players can also make rapport with NPCs with the right Song. The Song is a collage of three songs that heals damaged and gives energy.

A Little Lovely Music Lost Ark

Within a 24-meter radius area, every party member can benefit from the Song. And you can also increase the damage capacity of the Song in augmentative situations by using an Intense tune.

Song Of Temptation

You can get a Song of temptation in A little lovely music lost ark game after completing the TimeTime for treatment quest. The quest is an interesting one as it begins as a fetch quest.

After you complete the quest, you will earn several tablets, and with their help, you can learn the Song. You can use the Song to create rapport with other NPCs.

In the game, you will find 16 types of songs, and each plays a specific role in the quest. For instance, a player can use the Song of return to teleport himself to his city.

Another song is the Song of escape which you can use to escape a dungeon. Each Song will help you to get points and progress in the game.

In the quest, the Song of escape can help you in many difficult situations. The Song will help you to escape from any dungeons very quickly. You can use the Song to escape from any difficult areas.

Besides, you can also use it whenever you are not prepared for a particular situation and save yourself from a crisis. After you learn the Song, you can easily tackle any unwanted situation in the quest and will love to sing the Song often.

The next band album was Enter, which involved gothic metal and guitar riff style music. However, the temptation song of the album continued the journey till 1997.

After that, the band didn’t plan for anything and did not release any new creations since then. But they recorded and released “The Dance,” which consisted of three songs and two remixes.

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Song Of Harmony

While you play the game and complete each quest, you will grow interested to learn the Song of harmony in A little lovely music lost ark game. You can get the Song after completing 50% Adventurer’s Tome in Punica.

But to acquire the Song, you can follow different pathways. You can try the following ways to get the Song.

You can use different methods to get the Song of harmony in the Lost ark game. For example, in the first method, you must collect enough Sacred spring water from the world map. After that, you can create the Song by yourself with water.

You can apply the same method to any flower to create your Song but try to do that with a partner. Apart from the sacred water, you can also build the Song with fragrance pollen. So if you collect enough fragranced pollen, you can create the Song with it. 

Each Song has a different effect, and you can play the different songs on different instruments that you will obtain throughout the journey. You can perform those songs on instruments while you do the main quest.

Songs will help you travel and build rapport with NPCs in the game. You can discover hidden gems by using some songs like the Song of resonance. It would help if you went to the sheet music menu to learn and explore more songs.

You can select a song of your choice and play that.

Apart from collecting water and pollen to create the Song by yourself, you can choose to complete the TimeTime for the treatment quest. On that task, you will begin the journey of searching for healing herbs.

After completing the search, you will talk with Maller and learn about Heart’s melody. The interaction will increase your rapport, and you can teach the new Song to your NPCs.

You can use the Song of harmony in the game for various purposes. You can sing the Song to clear a vine-filled path. You can also use the Song to escape dungeons and travel at any part of the game.

However, you will also need 16500 pirate coins to do all those things. You can collect those coins from special island quests. The Song is a useful tool and can conquer many tough situations in the game.

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Lost Ark Revelry Row Location

In the game, A little lovely music lost ark; the location of the revelry row is a little complicated. The island is situated south of the North Vern continent in the Ethulia sea.

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