11 Weirdest Video Games of All Time

The gaming world is one where absolutely anything can be true if you want it to be. Game developers are not restrained by the laws of physics, by gravity, or even by logic. When you’re building a game world, you don’t need to stress out about whether or not the characters have the correct number of arms, where in the known or unknown universe they hail from, or what their mission is: all you have to worry about is whether or not the engine you’re using can support the world you are trying to build. 

As a result of all this freedom in some game worlds, you’ll see the strangest casino games, seemingly impossible flying crafts, entirely new races of being, and maybe, if you’re lucky, a nonexistent animal or two. Some games take you places you never dreamed you could go, while others take you to places and have you meet “people” so strange that they fall into the category of “weirdest video games ever.” These games are so downright odd and out of left field that they’ve gone down in history as some of the strangest gaming experiences ever. Join us as we take a look at eleven of the strangest.

11. Dropsy

No, we’re not talking about the condition; we’re talking about a seriously creepy clown. Dropsy, the clown, has been with us since 2015, so it’s not the oldest game on the list, but still pretty darn strange. Dropsy has to go it alone after a fire rips through his family’s circus, and it seems he is too lame. He must make his way through the sidescroller and through a weird and wonderful world to reach the truth.

10. Emily Is Away

If you weren’t around for the birth of IM like many of us dinosaurs were, you might wonder what the early 2000s were like in terms of staying in touch with your friends. Well, Emily Is Away is here so that you can find out. You’ll create a screen name and try to chat with Emily. Work through the story and experience a blast from the past.

9. Jazzpunk

Bizarre is genuinely the name of the game in Jazzpunk. You’re plunged into a weirdly animated, fictional cold war setting where you play as a limbless character who explores a senseless world through several different missions, including a shooter mission where you use wedding cake-themed weapons?

8. The Neverhood

The claymation/ paper mache effect of this game is at real odds with its content which is hardly surprising given it was released back in 1996. You play as Klaymen: a little man discovering that he is made from clay and trying to figure out his purpose. The music, appearance, and puzzles all combine to create something truly unique.

7.  I Am Bread

Well…I guess you’re playing as bread in this one! This game is exactly what it sounds like; we follow the adventures of one intrepid little piece of bread who wants nothing more than to become toast. This piece of bread is ready to go where no bread has gone before to make his big dreams a reality.

6. Among The Sleep

This is definitely one of the creepier games on the list. You play as a sweet, helpless infant who has woken from their slumber in the middle of the night and needs their mother. On this quest to gain her attention, you encounter a world full of nightmarish horrors. All of this is played from an infant’s perspective, which is an incredibly strange and honestly kind of wrong feeling.

5. Catlateral Damage

This is the ultimate revenge game for cats everywhere who have always been told not to knock things off of high surfaces. In Catlateral Damage you play as a cat who is tasked with knocking everything possible off a table or counter. You have to knock as many items over as you can to achieve a high score. As far as cat’s personalities go, it’s a pretty accurate simulator…but still odd.

Image by John Petalcurin via Pexels

4. PaRappa the Rapper

If you fancy yourself an undiscovered rap genius, then this game is for you. Your player character is PaPappa- a pooch who wants to learn the secrets of rap greatness. You need a rap master to help you reach your goals, though; that’s where the onion comes in. You need to hit buttons at the right time to complete your songs and make it as far as you can.

3. Seaman

Virtual pets have never been less cute and more creepy than this. Seaman has developed something of a cult following due to its completely bizarre…everything. You must care for your Seaman (a pet with a completely human face) and provide him with the company that he needs to flourish. This game is real-time in the same way that a Tamagotchi was but with the added pressure of needing to know random trivia as well.

2. The Stanley Parable

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you’re in a movie and have a narrator tell the story of every single thing that you do, The Stanley Parable is for you. Silent Stanley needs to be guided through the game by making a lot of choices: including whether or not to follow the narrator’s instructions. 

1. Goat Simulator

Nothing is quite as strange as a game where you play as a goat. While you don’t get a truly “goatlike” experience, you do get to experience an incredibly strange world where the laws of physics truly do not matter.

Wrap Up

The weirder a game, the more we love it!

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